How to plot Qingqing and small watermelon using Illustrator

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I would like to give you a detailed analysis of the Illustrator software and share with you the tutorial on creating Qingqing and xiaowatermelon.
1. Open Illustrator and select "File & rarr; New (New)" to create a New File. You can use a circular tool to draw an elliptical shape. It may look like a watermelon.
2. Use the pencil tool to draw a watermelon vine on the left. Watermelon grows naturally. You can draw it based on your imagination (see figure 1 ).
3. Select this oval and zucchini, and change "line filling" to "color filling ".
4. Select the Gradient fill button and set the Gradient style to "Radial (Central Gradient)" in the Gradient panel )". The gradient color below is set to a gradient from the bright to the dark, and to highlight the irregular sphere of watermelon, add a reflection behind the dark.
Note: The reflection should not be too strong. Take comfort as the standard. To add a color, click the left mouse button under the gradient bar to add a gradient color. Click the small box and set the required color in the color palette (see figure 2 ).
5. Select the "gradient" tool to set the gradient of the watermelon. The specific method is to press the mouse in the highlighted position, do not release the mouse key, drag to the dark end point, when the end point is reached, release the mouse, this time, the new gradient is generated. In this way, adjust the gradient of watermelon and zucchini until you are satisfied (see figure 3 ).
6. Watermelon is not just smooth. It has a pattern on it, so you need to use your imagination. Set the fill color to yellow-green, and then use the pencil tool to draw a line of pattern on the watermelon. When painting, you must follow the direction of the watermelon, and do not draw too many patterns (as shown in Figure 4 ).
7. after painting, use the "Arrow" tool to select all these patterns. Specifically, select the "Arrow" tool, select one of the patterns, and then press and hold the "Shift" key on the keyboard, select all the patterns. For future convenience, press Ctrl + G on the keyboard to combine these patterns (as shown in figure 5 ). The selected yellow and green colors are very bright, but they are not in coordination with watermelon. We need to coordinate these patterns below.
8. First, select the Pattern. Because the pattern has been combined into a group in the previous step, you can easily select the pattern.
9. Then, in the "Transparency" panel, change "Opacity (Opacity)" from 100% to 21%, and the pattern looks more natural.
10. A circle with a light source cannot have no shadow. Therefore, we need to add a shadow to the watermelon to enhance the stereoscopy. I believe you already know how to draw an elliptical image. Draw a relatively flat elliptical image under the watermelon (as shown in Figure 6 ).
11. Click the gradient button to fill the ellipse with gradient. The color of the watermelon subject is the same. The only difference is that the gradient must be "Linear (straight line gradient )", adjust the gradient color to a black to white gradient (as shown in Figure 7 ). Select the "gradient" tool, modify the gradient direction, and change the opacity to 52%.
12. I believe you have seen the problem. How can the Shadow be in front of the watermelon? Select the shadow and press Ctrl + Shift + [on the keyboard. This command places the selected object behind all objects (as shown in figure 8 ).
Now you have drawn a beautiful Watermelon. Finally, you can combine some more beautiful things based on your imagination, A coveted Watermelon was born, as shown in Figure 9 ).


Figure 1 draw the outline of a watermelon


Figure 2 select center gradient"


Figure 3 colors watermelon


Figure 4 watermelon pattern


Figure 5 group patterns


Figure 6 add a shadow to the watermelon


Figure 7 linear gradient"


Figure 8 adjust the shadow position


All right, the above information is all the content that I have shared with the users of this software in Illustrator, I believe that everyone is very clear about the method of drawing, so you can follow the tutorials shared by the small series to draw up the Qingqing little watermelon.

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