How to prevent original content from being collected

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In the continuous updating of Baidu, and constantly pay attention to the user experience, the quality of the site has become the most important, for the previous practice, search engines do not give and support, many webmaster to continue to write the original article, the original article for the new station significance is very important, although the original article will consume a lot of time and energy, But Baidu is very fond of original content, today's new station if plagiarism or false original, it is easy to let Baidu think is collecting station. All the new stations face a headache problem: is the webmaster itself hard to write original articles, is collected or is stolen, such a situation, the new station is very unfavorable, the new station does not have what weight, included very slowly, no matter which one of the sites collected the content of your site, first of all included certainly not webmaster own site, The webmaster's hard work is wasted, now search engine has no way to eliminate this phenomenon.

At the beginning of the station, large-scale collection is prohibited

Plagiarism on the internet, plagiarism is a very common thing, small series also to other sites to collect, encountered some sites are prohibited collection, in fact, the principle is not difficult, such as the acquisition of the locomotive, the website program can determine this is not a manual click on the page to collect, the software runs quickly. Then the program will be able to screen the IP of the collector, this is only to prevent the large-scale collection of software. For manual collection, that is, we most conveniently ctrl + V, this is difficult to eliminate, JS code has such a shielding function, although can eliminate the user Ctrl + C and CTRL + + or prohibit the source code, but really can not completely eliminate the phenomenon.

Hidden anchor text links in the article

Many webmaster writing habits will be at the end of the original article put the copyright information, in fact, such information does not have any real meaning, if the plagiarism or collection, nature will not tube this information. It is not a good habit to put such a link or anchor text at the end of the article. Only the article in the middle of the natural occurrence of keywords or anchor text links, when someone gathered this article, can bring links, so the loss is not small, all as a chain, to avoid being deleted, how to hide good links is the key. At the end of the article add a link that is a glance can be seen, in fact, you can add links in the article, anchor text color can also be set to the color of ordinary articles. Many stationmaster will not examine carefully, in fact this also is the symptom not cure.

Submit URL to update site content

Our biggest concern is that Baidu does not include its own website content, will update the site content of the URL directly to Baidu, Ping is not bad, although these URLs will not be included immediately, but Ping and outside the chain are attracted spiders can quickly come over, in the previous Baidu launched the original Spark program, This set of perfect original content identification system, the purpose is to encourage original content, to combat the collection, plagiarism behavior, so that the original content can be the fastest collection. Although this original spark program is still in the initial stage of the experiment, but in the new station there is no good embodiment. Although the above method can eliminate the content is embezzled, but cannot fundamentally reject this question.

believe that every webmaster has experienced plagiarism and false original, we also hate others to copy your article, especially the link deleted, as a webmaster must be calm attitude to see, if the original spark program really solve this historical problem, or plagiarism and anti-plagiarism will be a continuation. This article by the Dalian website Construction Company-Loffen technology collation release such as reprint please specify the source!

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