How to prevent others from pinging your computer

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When hackers intrude into the target, most of them use the Ping command to detect the host. If the Ping fails, most of the "hackers" with poor levels will find it difficult to return. In fact, it can completely create a false picture. Even if we are online, the other party cannot communicate with each other during Ping, so as to avoid many attacks.

Step 1: add an Independent Management Unit

Start-run. Enter mmc to start the "console" window. Click "Add/delete Management Unit" under "console", click "add", and select "IP Security Policy Management" in the displayed window, click Add. In the displayed window, select "Local Computer" as the management object, click "finish", close the "Add/delete Management Unit" window, and return to the console.


(Figure 1)

Step 2: Create an IP Security Policy

Right-click the added "IP Security Policy, on the local machine" (Figure 2), select "create IP Security Policy", click "Next", and enter a policy description, for example, "noPing" (Figure 3 ). Click "Next", select "Activate default response rule", and click "Next ". Start setting the authentication method, select the "this string is used to protect key exchange (pre-shared key)" option, and enter some characters (which will be used below) (Figure 4 ). Click "Next". A message is displayed, indicating that the IP Security Policy has been completed. confirm that the "Edit attributes" check box is selected and click "finish". The "properties" dialog box is displayed.

(Figure 2)

(Figure 3)

(Figure 4)

Step 3: Configure security policies

Click the Add button, and click Next in the open security rule Wizard to configure the tunnel termination. Here, select "this rule does not specify a tunnel ". (Figure 6) Click "Next" and select "all network connections" to ensure that all computers cannot be pinged. Click "Next", set the authentication method, select the third option "this string is used to protect key exchange (pre-shared key)", and fill in the same content as the previous one. Click "Next". In the displayed window, click "add" to open the "IP Filter list" window. (Figure 7) Click "add", click "Next", set the source address to "my IP Address", click "Next", and set the target address to "any IP Address ", click "Next" and select ICMP as the Protocol. Now you can click "finish" and "close" to return. In this case, you can see the created filter in the IP Filter list, select it, click "Next", and select the "require Security Settings" option for the filter operation (figure 8 ), then, click "finish" and "close" to save the relevant settings and return to the Management Console.

(Figure 5)

(Figure 6)

(Figure 7)

(Figure 8)

Step 4: assign security policies

Finally, you only need to right-click the configured "Ping prohibited" policy in "Console Root Node" and select the "Assign" command to make the configuration take effect (figure 9 ). After the above settings, when other computers Ping the computer again, it will no longer be connected. However, if you Ping the local computer, you can still communicate with each other. This method is effective for Windows2000/XP.

(Figure 9)

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