How to prevent the solid-state hard drive off the power data loss?

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The problem of lost power data loss in solid-state drives has long been a problem that has plagued us. To write data to a solid-state hard drive, the first thing to be stored is not the flash memory particles that are not afraid of losing power, but the DDR RAM particles on the solid-state hard disk, a volatile cache that waits until the cache is full, Will consider whether to move the data in memory into the flash. However, we do not care too much, after all, this for the solid State drive performance improvement, it is too much.

Solid State Drive

The problem, however, is that the data in the high-speed data cache can be permanently lost when the solid-state drive loses power instantaneously. The solution is also very simple, that is, in the solid state hard drive to add large capacity, when the solid state drive after the power off, to the solid state drive master in sufficient time to save the data, and then complete the strike.

It was not until the SF2000 series that the main control appeared that things turned into a turnaround. The new SF2000 completely cancels out the external large capacity cache, claiming that it can not rely on large capacity capacitance, can ensure data security and reliability

It is true that the data loss of electricity is really greatly alleviated, but, in fact, SF2000 series master control inside, in fact, there is a certain amount of buffer existence. Therefore, external high-capacity capacitance is still one of the optional reference scheme!

In fact, this problem is very good solution. Now let's take a look at the solution:

1, happen to have a piece of the latest SF2000 series of the main control of the Adata S511 60G solid-state hard drive, so began to use their brains to transform, the first of course is to find a large capacity of the Faraday capacitor, here I chose the CAP-XX Company's large capacity 5.5v Super Capacitor

Faraday Capacitor

Here the super capacitor, also known as the flushing Capacitor, as the earliest time, internal manufacturing, the total can not escape the use of expensive metal elements, it is also known as a gold capacitor, the price is expensive. Generally common are cylindrical, or a cake-like appearance, and Cap-xx company's Gold capacitor, the biggest advantage is the first slice of the design, space utilization significantly increased, not occupy space, at the same time short-circuit resistance is very low. Especially suitable for heavy load applications such as solid-state drives!

2, and then the pin out, and then heat shrinkable tube seal Good

3, and then with the heat shrink tube, the entire capacitor is sealed, to avoid and solid state hard disk internal components short-circuit and other unnecessary trouble

4, put on double-sided adhesive, easy to fixed capacitor

5, the capacitance, in fact, is in parallel to the 5v transmission inlet, that is, capacitor C6, or on its two pins above the

The reason why welding here, is because, this solid state hard disk input, and did not reverse block diode, in front of a figure 8EBC should actually be a vmos tube, internal also has the reverse discharge diode, so, helpless can only direct parallel to the power

However, the effect is still there, because in fact, the general chassis power supply, even if the power is actually able to adhere to the time, are still more optimistic, enough to ensure that the data security, and really want to kill is actually a solid-state hard disk power connectors, if this loose, solid-state hard power supply is extremely unstable, Data loss is often inevitable, so the final transformation is actually successful. The following picture is the result of my final transformation.

Important note, the red is positive, black is the negative, do not make a mistake, really will explode oh!

To remind everyone is that the novice do not learn! Because, like me, after the transformation, the solid state drive warranty is gone. Finally, I wish you all the success of the transformation, data well-being, fully enjoy the solid state drive to bring us convenience.

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