How to prevent third parties from using the tell a friend function of Zen cart to send spam

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The Tell a friend email sending function of Zen cart has been exploited by the hateful person, that is, the program automatically borrows the tell a friend group of its Zen cart website to send emails, the content of the email is really not harmonious. Khan is a hacker, but I still admire the idea of this guy. I also want to get it.

Back to the truth, let's talk about it.How to prevent third parties from using the Zen cart tell a friend function to send spam?

My Zen cart website uses a self-owned domain name mailbox, which is bound to a Gmail account. Because Gmail's spam interception is good, it has never noticed spam in the domain name mailbox. Yesterday I accidentally saw more than 2000 failure notice emails in it. Since January 1, January 8, I got up today and checked it again. More than 500 emails were added. This reminds me that most of the websites accessed by directly entering the website recently may be related to this. Of course, this is a digress. Today, I went to the official Zen cart forum and found that there were still many website owners in similar situations. In this case, the ISP shut down the website. I have always felt that the tell a friend function is of little use, but I didn't expect it to be of great use-I just used sugar beans (Viagra, friends in the group said it was sugar beans.

In this case, the following solutions are available:

1. Find allow guest to tell a friend in the background-configuration-Email options to disable the tourists' recommendation function.
2. download the form armor module of the spam filter plug-in for Zen cart. This plug-in is designed for third parties to use contact us and tell a friend to send spam messages. Unfortunately, form armor is a paid service with a minimum cost of 19 knives per month. Here: Main_page = product_contrib_info & amp; products_id = 1202.

I simply disabled the tourists' recommendation function according to Step 1. If it is useful or not, it will take two days to get the result. Supplement: useless!

If you think that tell a friend is useless like me, rename the following files to completely delete this function:

Supported des/ages/english/tell_a_friend.php

Then, open all product type settings on the website in the background catalog-product types, find the show product tell a friend button, and close it.

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