How to prevent word papers from being stolen

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One, the article into a picture

Windows itself also provides a screenshot of the ――printscreen, if the system does not have the screenshot tool installed, you may wish to use it to screenshots.

The first step: use Word2007 to open the writing paper, let it maximize display, press the "Printscreen" button, Word2007 document picture is captured on the Clipboard.

Step Two: Open the Paint program, click "Paste", and the picture in the Clipboard will be pasted into the edit area, click File/Save, and in the Open Save As dialog box, set the file name and save it.

PS: If the paper is longer, the above method can be saved as many pictures, and in the document order for the picture name, such as "Paper 1", "Thesis 2". When you meet someone to borrow your paper, just send the pictures as a copy to him.

Second, the important parts of the document into a picture

Usually, in a paper, only some parts of the content are more important. If you think the above method destroys the original of the whole paper, it is not conducive to open in Word directly, you can also choose to make these important parts into pictures. Because these pictures still appear in Word2007 by default, the structure of the document does not change.

Open the paper in the Word2007, switch to the Start feature, click the arrow icon to the right of the Clipboard on the left of the toolbar, open the Clipboard, select the more important part of your paper, press the CTRL + C key, and then the copied content appears on the Clipboard on the left side of the word interface.

Click the drop-down arrow in the Paste item in the toolbar and select Paste Selective in the Drop-down menu that appears. Open the Paste Selective dialog box, select either Picture (Windows Metafile) or picture (enhanced metafile) in the list (sometimes only one of these two items appears), click OK Button. Now look, paste back to the file in the Word document, has it become a picture? Finally, delete the original text section.

In the same way, you can paste all the important parts into a picture and then save it as a Word document again.

Third, add a watermark to the document

The purpose of adding a watermark is to play the "private all, others do not use" logo for your work. This method, if combined with the above mentioned paper into a picture or PDF file to use, will play a very significant "signature" effect.

Word provides two kinds of watermarks: one is a text watermark, the other is a picture watermark.

Open your paper in Word 2007, switch to the page Layout feature item, select Watermark on the page Background toolbar, and in the Drop-down menu that appears, the ready-made text watermark provided by Word 2007. You can choose to use these watermarks directly or click the "Custom Watermark" text link.

Open the Watermark dialog box, select the "Image watermark" or "text watermark" items, and then follow the prompts to make personalized watermark (such as the text to display the watermark, directly set "XXX's thesis", which xxx for your name).

When you are finished, click OK, and then make your paper into a picture or PDF file, and even if the shameless person publishes the pictures or PDF, the watermark will also show the real author.

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