How to print an inverse word in WPS

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Print the inverse word in Jinshan text 2002

1. Single-line writing method. We know that there is a "single line of text" button on the WPS "Graphics" toolbar (in WPS Office and later versions, which adds a "multiline text" button), and you can print the word back using the two buttons.

Below, I take Jinshan text 2002 "Multiline text" button as an example, to see the specific implementation process:

① start Jinshan Text 2002, perform the view → toolbar → graphics command, expand the Graphics toolbar (Figure 6).

② Click the Multiline Text button on the toolbar, and then drag a text box in the document.

③ in the word processing box, enter text that needs to be printed as an inverse word.

④ the mouse right-click text box, and then, on the shortcut menu that pops up, select the Object Properties option. Open the Multiline Text Properties dialog box (Figure 7), switch to the Position Size tab, click the Drop-down button to the right of mirroring, and in the Drop-down list that appears, select the left or right option, and OK to return, The text is instantly displayed in reverse.

⑤ adjust the size of the text box, click the Print button on the Standard toolbar, and in a moment, the inverse word is printed.

Special Note: ① has a bit of regret, "multi-line text" only support the "Arial" font, Hope Jinshan Company in the next version to be improved. ② because the text color in a multiline text box is the same, if you need to print multiple colors of text, use more than one line of text box to do so. ③ If you select the "Up and down" option in the Position Size tab, you can print the "reflection" word.

2. The output method of reverse piece. If in Jinshan text 2002, want to output the full text back, as long as the simple set up to become: Start Jinshan Text 2002, open the need to reverse the output of the document, the implementation of the "file → print" command, open the "Print" dialog box, select the upper right of the "reverse output" option, and then "OK" printing OK.

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