How to print columns in a WPS table

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As we all know, when the form is finished, it needs to be printed as well as the document to facilitate circulation. But what if you want to print only a subset of the data in the table? The following small series for you to introduce how the WPS table for the column printing, a look at it.

To the ROM version of the newsletter as an example, the implementation of the "edit" → "move or copy the worksheet", the newsletter copy into a new workbook (you can open their usual edited newsletter).

Sub-column printing

1, select column B, copy, perform "edit" → "paste" → "value (also selectable value and number format)", the original use of the virtual mobile phone number into numbers. Your own newsletter can skip this step.

2, selected A1:c1, the use of automatic filling, the column label copied to D1 to I1.

3, observe the original data, according to their own needs to the original middle and lower data copied and pasted to the appropriate location. You can also use a cut, move, or reference method to copy data.

4, select the area you want to print.

We are more confused about the place is often with the function of the data columns, now to the student transcripts as an example to introduce.

Student Grades

Student transcript if divided into two columns, consider to the right also to add a label, to the 29th row of data to move to the right.

1, add column label, select A1 to G1, use automatic fill to N1 lattice.

2, click H2, Input =a29, the use of automatic filling, copy the lower part of the original form of data to the right.

3, add a border, remove the reference to the empty cell to bring the 0 value.

4, print the required parts.

The above is the WPS table for column printing method. First to copy the sticky value, and then select the area you want to print, of course, if you are engaged in educational work of friends, on the function of the data column, above also mentioned the Operation method, I hope that the above content for you to help.

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