How to print the page number of a catalog that is automatically generated by word into a uniform format

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I set the page number of the text to the format, and then set the outline level, automatically generate a table of contents. It is also shown in the table of contents that ............. OK, I'll just select the page number-1-and set it to 1. Then print, the result will be printed in the format of the, and point print Preview is also the format of the. I looked at it, the catalogue ......... The format of the following page numbers are all the same as ........... Before the word format of the same. I want to set the font and size of the directory to different, but the page number is different, very beautiful.

PS: These problems in the settings can be resolved, but after the set up, printing will return to the state before the setting, how to do?

1, how to make the printed directory in the normal number format 1 display, and the text in the format of the display?

2, how to make the table of contents of the page format unified, and not follow the word font changes and change it?

Oh, I just solved the problem.

The main reason is that the directories that Word automatically generates are linked to the body text. So you select the full directory, and then press CTRL+SHIFT+F9 to cancel the link and then call out is to modify the future directory.

WORD2003 Paper catalog page number when the paper is printed "error, show definition bookmark" how to Solve

The title needs to be reset.

Selected papers need to generate the title of the table of contents, point format-style and format-Select the title format you want to set, such as Heading 1 or Heading 2, and so on. Then right click in the directory, update the field-update the entire directory, OK.

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