How to protect Word documents from being illegally modified

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Microsoft Word is a Microsoft text processor application. It was originally written by Richard Brodie in 1983 years to run the IBM computer for DOS. The subsequent versions run on Apple Macintosh (1984), SCO UNIX, and Microsoft Windows (1989) and become part of Microsoft Office.

Speaking of the security of Word documents, it is feared that the set open and modify permissions password. In fact, in the practical application, we need more careful protection. For example, prohibit others from modifying the formatting of the original document, preventing editing of the source document, and so on. These are easy to implement in Word 2003.

First, format protection

General documents will have a fixed format, in order to avoid misuse of the document to change the inherent format, we can protect it. Open the document you want to protect, click the Tools menu, select Protect Document, and then open the Action window on the right. Select the Restrict formatting to options style item, and click the Settings button to select all the formatting you want to protect in the open formatting Restrictions window, such as preventing changes to headers, footers, and so on, returning to protect documents, and clicking Yes, start the Force Protection button. Set a password in the pop-up window to make the settings effective.

Ii. Prohibition of unauthorized editing

Sometimes our documents need to be passed on to different people, and you may want to add comments to the other person during the viewing process, but you don't want them to be edited. In this case, we can select "Allow such edits only in this document" in the "Protect Document" window, and then select "Annotation" from its drop-down menu so that others can annotate the document only and not be able to do other things. If you select No changes (read only), you will not be able to make any changes. But finally, remember to click Yes, start force protection to make the settings effective.

With the above modifications, you will find that when we position the mouse over the protected document, many of the buttons on the Formatting toolbar are grayed out, which means that our protection is in effect.

If you need to edit or modify the document, we can continue to open the Tools menu, select "Unprotect the document", in the pop-up window, enter the previous set of password to restore.

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