How to publish apps on GooglePlay

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Uploading and publishing apps

Once you have registered a developer account, you can upload your app to Google Play using the Google Play developer console.

    1. Visit the Google Play Developer console.
    2. Click Add New User near the top of the screen.
    3. Use the drop-down menu to select the default language and add a title for your app.
      • Enter the name of your app that you want to show on Google Play.
    4. Choose upload apk or fill in the Product Details to add relevant information to your app.

Select the appropriate section below to learn more about how to upload an app:

APK file

The app package name is unique and permanent, so be careful with naming it. You will not be able to delete or reuse the app package name in the future.

You can find the app's latest apk on the app's apk page. To make it easier for you to find your latest apk, some archived apk that is not available for any device configuration may be hidden on your app's apk page.

Important : If you lose your key store, you will not only need to publish your app with the new app package name and Xinmi key, but also unpublish your original app and update its description.

APK File Size

The system supports a maximum of 50MB per APK size. If you need to store additional resources (for example), you can upload an extension file.

In addition, if a single apk doesn't support all the devices you need, you can upload multiple apk from the same app's product details to support a variety of devices with different configurations.

Upload a draft apk file

After you upload the apk file, the system can save it as a draft, and you can add or modify other parts of your app's information by selecting Save Draft in the Upload dialog box.

Note : You can save the new apk as a draft using "simple" mode or "advanced" mode.

Language and Fanyi

You can see the various languages you've added for your app near the top of your app's product Details page. After you upload the app, its default language is English (US, en-U.S.).

Please note : As Android devices gradually support more languages, we will add additional languages in succession.

Add translation

To provide localized app information, you can add translations to your app's information, as well as the appropriate language screens and other picture resources. To add a translation, click Add translation near the top of your app's product Details page and select a language.

tip : To translate your app's instructions into a different language, you can use the Google Play app translation service.

If you do not add your own translations, users can use Google Translate to view automatic translations of your app's Google Play Product Details page, or to view this page directly in the default language. A note is appended to the automatic translation to indicate that the translation is automatically completed by the system and provides options for users to view app information displayed in the default language.

Please note : Currently, automatic translation does not support Armenian, ritonavir-Roman, Tagalog, and Zulu languages.

Localized pictures and videos

To promote your app more effectively in multiple languages, you can add localized picture assets to your app's product details page.

After you've added localized pictures and videos, users will see localized picture resources on Google Play if their preferred language matches the language you've added.

Product Details

On your app's product Details page, you can add the following fields under "Item Details".

    • title : The name of your app on Google Play
      • If you want to add a localized title, you can add a title for each language individually.
    • Brief Description : The text that the user first sees when viewing your app's details page on the Play store app
      • Upper limit is 80 characters
    • Users can expand this text to see a complete description of your app.
    • full Description : Instructions for your app on Google Play
      • Upper limit is 4,000 characters
    • new changes to this version (app update): Latest updates or changes related to published app versions

Please note : Using duplicate and/or irrelevant keywords in the app's title, description, or promotional content may not only create unpleasant user experiences, but may also cause your app to be paused by Google Play. Please refer to the full guide in the Google Play developer program policy.

    • app type : Select an app or game .
    • category : Select the category that best matches your app (see sample)
Picture Resources

To learn how to add a picture asset to the Product Details page, see our article on picture resources, screens, and videos.

Contact details

You can add support resources for your app under "contact details." Google play users can see the contact information you have added to your app's "contact details".

Please note : You can provide multiple support channels (website, email, phone), but to publish an app on Google Play, you must provide an email address.

    • Learn more about how to provide support for your users
Pricing and Release scope

On the pricing and publishing Scope page for your app, you can set your app to paid or free apps, and choose which countries you want to publish your app in.

    • Learn how to set and change the price of a paid app

Under publish in the following countries, you can select only one country at a time, or check the box next to select all countries to select all countries/regions.

Note : All countries currently listed do not necessarily have Android device users. For paid apps, see our list of supported countries to find out which countries can sell their apps.

Publish apps on your Android device

If your app includes features for other Android devices, you can choose to publish your app on those devices.

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How to publish apps on GooglePlay

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