How to quickly apply for ICP filing for a new website

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Website filing process:
Step 1: Go to the miit icp filing Center website
Step 2: register the user name and submit relevant information
Step 3: log on to the system again after receiving the SMS and email verification code
Step 4: Add ICP filing information
Step 5: Browse the added filing materials and submit them after confirmation
Step 6: wait for the review by the CA or the CA
Step 7: go to the record filing website, download the e-certificate, and place it in the appropriate location
Step 8: Enter the filing number (important) on the space control platform)
Website filing can be independent through the official filing website, through online filing or through the local telecommunications department two ways to carry out the filing of the network case.
The purpose of website record-filing is to prevent illegal website business activities on the Internet and prevent the spread of bad Internet information.
Based on experience, the record filing success rate depends on the contact address, ID card, phone number, landline, EMIL, and other personal information. The more authentic and detailed the information, the easier it is to pass. For example, the contact address, what street number is required,
The ID card number must be authentic. If the information for the first record filing is not detailed, the review will be stricter than the first record filing. Of course, the record filing website must comply with relevant national regulations before it can pass.
Enterprises and institutions engaged in Internet information services must obtain the value-added telecommunications business license for Internet information services or apply for filing procedures.
The ICP filing for the education website must also be approved by the local education department.
Recommendation: Do not use mobile ICP filing
1: Login:
2: Registration (text message not received on the registered mobile phone, no verification code)
3: Back to Home Page ( /)
4: enter the user name, password, verification code, and click to log on
5: Enter the "mobile phone verification code" and "email verification code"-do not enter
6: enter in the address bar
7: Press enter
8: record filing ....

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