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The recent Dragon shape in order to verify their own Baidu algorithm observation, test forum outside the chain on the impact of the site rankings, so register a large number of forums outside the chain, whether it is the anchor text or the signature of the text, and regardless of the industry is related to the site, Forum Platform Authority and active, as long as the signature can be issued outside the chain. As a result in the pursuit of the principle of quantity, long shape in a short period of time to obtain a large number of registration can be signed outside the chain, to stay for the next discussion of the effect of validation, today's dragon-shaped talk about the fastest way to find a signature outside the chain of methods.

Due to the proliferation of machine registration and software clicks, some novice outside the chain Commissioner in the registration of the chain is very easy to find, the forum has introduced a manual audit and prevention of irrigation settings, the forum outside the chain of construction has become complex. Some inexperienced novice often encounter, their own hard to register the website and so on to release the chain only to discover, not need a certain period of audit is to require a certain accumulation to allow the signature outside the chain, and according to the size of the distribution of the number of signatures. This makes it difficult to realize the idea of relying on the forum to build a short time, and it also aggravates the efficiency of the external chain Commissioner. In fact, as long as we take flexible measures in the work, it is easy to find a lot of registration can increase the chain of the forum.

No more nonsense, directly into today's theme, the following is the Dragon shape in the work summed up the method:

1. The simplest and most direct domain: Web site

By querying the relevant domains of competitor sites, we can easily know which forums the opponents are building outside the chain, however, imitation can be. However, in the search for competitors outside the chain, must pay attention to a skill, that is, to see the competition on the level of people in the Forum. If it is just entry-level level we can be assured to register, if the level is very high then we need to look at this forum carefully other posts, so that there is a level of restrictions on the forum even if the registration can not release the chain, thus wasting our energy.

2. Drawing on the resources of our forefathers to share

Intelligent webmaster know, want to get outside the chain of resources, in addition to learning from competitors will use the Internet Information rich. "Baidu, you know," let the vast number of netizens in a problem is easy to Baidu, you can search for a lot of related content. We novice outside the chain Commissioner can also rely on Baidu search engine strong, through the search "can be signed with the Forum Resources Encyclopedia", the evening will naturally appear a lot of SEO before summing up good resources, and even some more thoughtful SEO also labeled this forum can be with anchor text or plain text, there is no level limit. Although some resources are more outdated, but the total good too much of our vast network of the sea but do not know how to do it, but found that not to use the dilemma.

3. Directly in Baidu Search first off keywords

As we all know, each region has its own forum, not only the high weight, active degree, more important is less limited, is the new construction forum outside the chain of the ideal place. Search through the search engine directly to a region + forum, you will find that there are a number of forums for us to choose from, then just click on the registration can be. You can also search for a number of people pay more attention to the industry, such as real Estate Forum, will find a lot of real estate-related forums, greatly saving the time we seek.

4.intitle: Forum

Using the search engine's advanced instructions, through the search intitle: forum, we will find as long as the title contains forum this keyword site will appear. If the relevant keywords before the forum, the search engine will be in accordance with our requirements, return to the relevant forums to facilitate our choice of use.

5. To the forum to find a competitive forum for people outside the chain

For some of the high degree of activity of the forum, such as A5 forum, daily use of its chain of webmaster countless, but also for us to find outside the chain opened a place. For some people who are often active on the network, we analyze his website through domain this instruction, and find out which forums they are engaged in outside chain construction. This method needs to find a forum outside the chain, not only efficient but also each is a high weight of the site.

6. View the forum's links

Do not know stationmaster has not noticed, some high weight forum website, in its below will have the Friendship link exchange this item, and exchanges the forum is some high weight forum, as long as we click in registers, is a quite good forum outside the chain construction platform.

7. Forum Web site Encyclopedia

Some of the relevant portal site will be aggregated according to the different nature of the encyclopedia, such as my news, military, games, etc., we just find my forum classification of the site, there are many have summed up the high weight of the forum, is exactly what we do outside the chain of the ideal place.

Of course, these forums to find methods is only the Dragon shape in the recent work summed up, if the follow-up there are other methods will be in time to share out for webmasters to communicate. But it is worth mentioning is that not every forum to find can do outside the chain, we first click into the site, to see if there is no outside the chain of construction traces, and then see if the chain is to do some of the high level of netizens to decide whether we want to register this forum. Secondly, after the registration to roughly browse the next version of the rules, understand the moderator of the forum requirements, do not even find the forum can be built outside the chain, often because of casual behavior and violate the version of the rules, the light is prohibited strongly worded directly sealed number, let us before the work of the useless, and the site's outside the chain of construction caused a great impact.

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