How to quickly finish a cutout in PowerPoint

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1, take the picture in the following slide as an example, I want to deduct the black frame part of the picture, but keep the silhouette of the black body in the moon. First, click the mouse to select the picture, switch to the Format tab under Picture Tools, and click the Delete Background button in the Adjustments feature group.

2, the presentation switch to the background removal tab. The purple area is the part of the image to be deleted. We first drag the selection box Four Corners, the moon part of the box selected in the reserved area.

3, click "Mark to keep the area", the mouse into a small pencil shape, in the human silhouette click, there will be a white circular cross ring number, indicating the reserved area. Hold down the left mouse button on the circle number, see a dotted line, drag to a point in the reserved area, release the left mouse button, you can find the dotted line of the parallel horizontal area was retained. Keep drawing the cross until the silhouette of the body is all marked.

4, click "Keep Changes" under the Background Removal tab. Look, is not keeping the moon and silhouette that we want.

Note: When labeling a reserved area, keep the area close to the border of the deletion area to avoid exceeding the boundary, resulting in uneven edge imperfections.

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