How to quickly pull out the beautiful morning light and twilight effect in PS

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In this tutorial, I'll show you how to make the use of a common forest landscape different to two diametrically opposed effects. You'll learn how to adjust the layers properly, add light, render the atmosphere, and how to handle shading trees and so on. Now let's study together.

Picture material:

Let's take a look at the final results:

  How to pull out the morning light effect

Step 1

The first step is to do some basic trimming of the picture, to erase some unwanted parts. Open the picture footage and press Cmd/ctrl+j to copy the background layer. Below we will erase the chairs in the photo.

Use the Lasso tool to select the left part of the chair, use Edit > Fill > Content recognition, here is the effect of content recognition:

Remove the rest of the chair in the same way and you'll get a similar effect to me:

Step 2

We will change the color of the forest by adding some adjustment layers. Select Layers > Create new adjustment layer > Gradient map:

Reduce this layer of opacity to 20%:

Step 3

Select Layer > New fill layer > Solid color:

Change this layer of blending mode to exclude 100%:

Step 4

Create a new color balance adjustment layer, select Layers > New adjustment layer > Color balance, add some red and yellow to this picture:

Step 5

To add a bit of contrast to the picture, I added a curve adjustment layer:

On this graph layer mask, a basic black soft brush is used to erase the top center to form a center that is the effect of the light source position. Create a new group and put all the adjustment layers in the group.

Step 6

In this step, we'll add a light effect to the photo. Cmd/ctrl + Shift + N creates a new layer at the top. Select a soft edge brush with the color set to # 190900, where you want to add the light to smear. Change the blending mode of this layer to linear dodge 100%:

Step 7

Create a new layer, select a soft edge brush, set the color to # fbd0b9, and smear the top area. Change this layer mode to overlay 100%:

Step 8

I use a soft edge brush, set the color to # f9d382, to make a stronger light color image. The pattern to set this layer is overlay 100%:

Step 9

When I was doing the highlight, I used a lighter color (# Feeeca), select the brush, mix the mode to overlay 100%, create a new group, and put the light layers into the group.


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