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When we use Word Office software, we will choose to use the Find/replace command in the Edit menu if we need to replace the text. But sometimes, when we need to replace some of the text in bulk into the picture, can we follow this operation? In fact, the answer is yes. Because, the search/replace function of Word Office software is very powerful, in addition to entity substitution, can also use regular expression input. Below, please follow the Software Direct network editor to see how to replace the text batch into a picture bar.


First, we need to open the Word document that we want to modify, and copy the picture to the Clipboard (click CTRL + C) as shown in the following illustration:

Second, open the Find Replacement dialog box (shortcut key Ctrl+h), enter the text to be replaced in the Find what box, and enter ^C in the Replace with box. As shown in the following figure, click Replace All.

You must enter a half-width character, hold down SHIFT, and press the number 6 on the horizontal, and the letter C should be lowercase.

Principle Note: "^c" means that the instruction system to the contents of the Clipboard, replace the contents of the Find what box. By this principle, "^c" can also replace any visual content, including a carriage return, that can be copied to the Clipboard, or even an Excel table.

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