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Most of us are using ADSL to surf the internet, to tell the truth, telecommunications and netcom is a bit too dark, not only the speed of the commitment, the price is also a little expensive, then how can we maximize the maximum number of fixed bandwidth, methods commonly used to share the method, the following introduction of several specific methods, I hope to help you!

1. Some friends use the Ethernet interface of ADSL modem Internet, and then through the hub or switch, a few machines to build a local area network, and then share the solution of the Internet.

The following is an example of how to use the Adsl2110-eh MODEM (led by function) to introduce the relevant settings. The general use of the modem's default ip:, then as the client (each connected to the hub or switch machine) to ensure that the network card with the hub or switch connected, you need to install the TCP/IP protocol and LAN ipx/spx Protocol, Then you need to set the IP address 192.168.10.X, like the domain of the modem, the subnet mask, the default gateway: (the IP address of the modem), and the DNS server is set to the IP address of the local telecommunications network. The other choice items are available by default.

If the use of real 5800U and similar does not lead the way by the function of the USB interface ADSL MODEM, in fact, can also share the Internet. One of the machines connected to the ADSL modem as a host, and the same as other machines, through the network cable to connect to the hub or switch. Where the host, set IP address, subnet mask, default gateway:, while the DNS server is set to the IP address of the local telecommunications network, at the same time choose to share ADSL over the LAN, and on the host can not open the firewall with the Win XP, otherwise will not be able to access the Internet. As a client, you only need to select the Internet on the LAN can be, if it is WinXP system, basically do not set up on the Internet, this method is mainly the disadvantage of the server as the performance of the machine better, and once the server shutdown, other users will not be able to access the Internet.

2. After many computers share the Internet, why slow speed?

The speed of sharing the Internet mainly depends on the use of the Internet and network bandwidth, the current commonly used ADSL speed mainly 512KBPS, 1MB, 2mb,cable modem and cell broadband bandwidth and even 10M, but its actual speed often depends on the quality of service suppliers, Sometimes the nominal speed is not reached. In general, 1M bandwidth network for 1-12 of people to surf the internet, chat and send and receive e-mail and other daily use is no problem, all users share 1M bandwidth, but bandwidth is not evenly distributed to each computer, If one or several machines use a multi-threaded download tool to download files at the same time or play some of the more bandwidth-intensive online games, then it will take up a lot of bandwidth, causing other computer network speed too slow, or even can not browse the Web page. If a similar situation occurs frequently, users can be advised to use a single thread to download or choose the time to download the internet density. 3. Two computers were used to interconnect the network card, then the network card of one of the computers connected to the broadband, what methods can make another computer can also connect to the broadband?

To solve the problem of sharing the Internet, there are three methods: using hub or switch, connect broadband network wiring directly to hub or switch, then connect with hub or switch through the network card of two computers, and then share the broadband by sharing software; second, In the already connected to the broadband machine and then install a network card, the other computer's network card connected to the network sharing software to share the Internet; again, if you have a relatively abundant capital, you can choose a broadband router, connect netcom broadband network cable in the router's WAN port, Then two computer network cards and routers LAN port connection, configure the router's PPPoE dial-up function can allow any one computer independent Internet.

4. How to guarantee the security of broadband Internet network?

Many friends are worried about sharing broadband Internet access, their own machine will be "black", in fact, in general, now the function of sharing software has been more powerful, generally have the function of a firewall, when the outside use of connection LAN, due to the local area network only 1 legitimate IP address, the outside world even if connected, It is only connected to the shared server. The internal other computer is inaccessible, also cannot be invaded, therefore, and each computer independent access to the Internet, sharing the Internet greatly improve the security of the computer, in addition, many broadband routers also have a firewall function, then the external connection is the router itself, Most hackers can no longer function after encountering routers, so they are more secure because the routers themselves are not afraid to attack. Therefore, everyone, despite the rest assured that you will not be "black" to!

5. Home has two computers share broadband Internet access, but the installation of network card is more trouble, what is the simple method?

Now the choice is actually a lot, more common is the choice of USB link online Two computers interconnected, and then share the Internet. However, it should be noted that there are two types of USB link online: One is to provide only the simplest file transfer functions, but also need to use specialized software to achieve, this line is not to achieve a shared network; In addition, there is a USB online line integrated with a special control chip, after installation in the hardware list will be virtual as a network adapter , in the use and configuration of the basic with the network card, you can share the Internet, but compared to the network cable is its connection distance is relatively short, and the price is more expensive. In addition, you can use wireless Internet access, although convenient, but the price of wireless equipment is also more expensive.

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