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Web pages in our web page will often encounter a number of needs, if we do not know the method, may be bothering us for half a day. In fact, they are very simple to implement, let's take a look at these common Web page editing methods.

Center text off

When you compose a Web page text, you may encounter the problem of just trying to center one line of characters, but the characters of the other lines will then be centered. In fact, this is because in the Dreamweaver MX in the center, the right operation, the default area is P, H1-h6, Div and other format identifiers, if your statement is not separated by identifiers, Dreamweaver MX will be the entire text is centered. The workaround is to separate the text you want to center with <P>......</P>.

Let the link text have a hint

When the mouse hovers over the link, a message box appears at the bottom right of the cursor, and the link is commented on in some detail. This kind of effect is also very important in the Web page production. Here's how to add the link information. We can implement this by adding HTML code.

Add the title attribute to the" title= "Tenkine software channel".

Quick Call Time axis

Friends who use the Dreamweaver MX Web page know that the newly installed Dreamweaver MX does not have a timeline in the Quick Launch panel, what if you want to use it urgently? Here's a quick way to call the timeline, press the "ALT+F9" key combination, or click "window → other → timeline" in the main software window.

Automatically refresh page

Whether it's a repeat refresh or an automatic jump, it's a pretty practical operation in the design. Here is a description of how they are made. Select Dreamweaver mx To insert the file Headers section of the Control Panel, and then tap the Refresh button, and then jump out of the Refresh dialog box, and then type in the input box "300" (in seconds) for the refresh delay, "action" To refresh the specified destination URL. Because it is now refreshing the current page, simply select the "Refresh this document" option.

Define page Keywords

When users use search engines to search for content-appropriate pages, keywords play a role that cannot be ignored. Most search servers automatically detect the presence of new pages in the network every once in a while and record them by keyword to facilitate user inquiries. The definition of the keyword is particularly important. Select Dreamweaver mx Insert the "header" section of the Control Panel, click on the "Keyword" button, pop-up definition window, input needs to be defined by keyword. Note that each keyword is separated by a ";" number, with no limit on the number.

Make an "Empty link"

A "null link" is a link without a linked object, and the target URL in the "null link" is represented by "#". In other words, when the link is made, it is an empty link as long as the tag is entered in the link input box of the property panel. In many cases, empty links are used, such as pages that are not completed regularly, or to keep the link style consistent with normal text styles.

Let text and picture content coexist

In Dreamweaver MX, the picture object is often exclusive row, then the text content can only in its parallel position, how can let the text around the picture display? The method is as follows: Select the picture, find the "aligned" property menu in the upper right of the property panel, select "Align Left", and you will find that the text is neatly arranged on the right side of the picture.

Open a link as a new window

To open a new browser window without overwriting the current window, you can add a "target=_blank" statement directly to the link code

Making objects that you drag randomly

Visit the site, often see a lot of things you can drag the mouse elements, of which the majority of pictures. For example, a picture of an advertisement blocks the content you want to browse, and you can use the mouse to select it and throw it aside!

Make this effect through the layer of the "drag layer" behavior, click the behavior panel "+", select "Drag layer", before making you should ensure that the target layer is selected, simple settings after the OK.

Resize Table Height

We often need to change the height of the table when we use Dreamweaver to make the homepage. However, sometimes when we drag the border of a table, no matter how we drag it, when we release the mouse, the table returns to its original form. The reason for this is that we have provided a fixed height for the table. How do I get rid of the height setting of a table?

The simple way is: first we need to select the table, move the cursor to the table, and then press the "CTRL + a" key combination, select the cursor location of the smallest table, and then click the "Clear Row height" icon in the property box, the table height setting is canceled. The height of the table automatically matches the height of the table according to its contents.

Modify a form property to a pop-up window

Presumably everyone in the page has used the form, most forms are activated, will open in the current page, affecting normal browsing. Better to modify it, such as: <form method=post action=url target=_blank>, where "Target=_blank" is open for control in the pop-up window.

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