How to recover files or directories that are corrupted and cannot read data from a removable hard disk

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Corrupt file or directory and cannot read description The file system structure of this disk is corrupted. In peacetime if the data is not important, then the direct format can be used. But sometimes the data inside is very important, then you have to restore the data before formatting. Specific recovery methods can be seen in the body (non-formatted recovery method)

Tools/Software: Auroradatarecovery

Step 1: First download and unzip the program open, directly double-click the partition you need to restore, and then right-click the software icon Select "Run as Administrator"

Step 2: After the program opens, directly double-click the disk that needs to recover data

Step 3: The software will quickly place the scanned data in a directory with the same name as the disk to be recovered

Step 4: Check all the information needed to recover, then click on the top right corner of the save, the "File Save" button to copy the check on the file.

Step 5: The final step is just to wait for the program to copy the data and complete it.

Note 1: If you want to recover the removable hard disk file or directory corruption and can not read the need to pay attention to, be sure to restore the data before formatting.

Note 2: Corrupted files or directories and cannot read the recovered data needs to be temporarily saved to another disk.

How to recover files or directories that are corrupted and cannot read data from a removable hard disk

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