How to recover old data after Word file is lost

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Word is the text editing software that we often use, many friends do not develop the habit of saving data in time, so it is very important to recover word data because of various kinds of people (such as Operation error) or accidental (for example, power outage) because of the loss of Word data.

Find a missing Word document

1. Automatic recovery

When a Word document is compromised, the automatic recovery feature of Word itself usually fixes the state of the corrupted document to the last save. However, this feature is implemented using Word automatically saved, so if you want to reduce the loss, click "tools → options → save" in Word, then select the "AutoSave interval" item, and then change the default 10 minutes to 5 minute or less.

2. Manual Recovery

If you don't see the AutoRecover feature of Word when you open a damaged document, you can also try a manual recovery. Run Word, click file → open, and then in the open window that pops up, locate the look in the C:documents and settings current system user account name Applicationdatamicrosoftword directory. In the window you can see the. ASD is an automatic recovery file for the extension. Then just click the "Open" button to the right of the Drop-down menu, select the "Open and Repair" option, and finally save the repair completed Word file. You need to set the show all files and folders item in Folder Options to see the related paths above.

3. Recover Text from any file

Word also provides the "Recover Text from Any file" feature, but it's best to back up a damaged Word document before you can lose it when you're using it.

Before you recover, you need to be in the General tab of the Word Options window, make sure the convert on open item is selected, and then click file → open to locate and select the Word document you want to repair, and then under File type, select the restore text from any File command, and then click Open Button. Recover Text from any file only restores text, and pictures in Word documents are lost, and headers, footers, footnotes, endnotes, and field text are preserved as simple text. If you do not have the "Recover Text from any file" item in file type, you will need to install the text converter in office Shared features → converters and filters in Office Setup.

Second, Word document garbled "back to life"

1. Format change "New Day"

The idea is to convert a corrupted Word document into another format and then convert it to a Word document, which is very effective for restoring Word documents that are garbled after they are turned on.

Step 1: Open the damaged document in Word, click file → Save as, and then in the Save Type list, select the format Rich Text Format (*.rtf) and click Save.

Step 2: Close the damaged document, then open the rich text file you just saved, click file → Save As, and then select the Word document (*.doc) format in the Save as type list and save it. Now, close the current RTF document and turn the converted Word document back on. Word's conversion to RTF preserves its original format, and if you do not correct the file corruption, you can try to convert to another word processing format, such as converting to plain text (*.txt) and then back to Word format.

2. Garbled "universe" big transfer

This method is done by copying everything except the last paragraph mark into a new Word document. Because Word's formatting is related to the last paragraph mark, the formatting of all missing sections or styles will be reapply in the new document.

Step 1: Open the damaged Word document and press "Ctrl+end" so that it navigates to the last paragraph identification and then press "Ctrl+shift+home", which selects everything except the last paragraph flag.

Step 2: Copy the selected content, and then paste it into a new Word document.

If your document contains a section break, you can copy only the text between the section breaks, and do not copy and paste the section breaks because it may bring the corrupted content into the new document. To avoid having a section break when copying and pasting between documents, select the Normal style on the View menu.

Repair a Word document that cannot be opened

1. Insert the damaged document into the new document

If the damaged document cannot be opened at all, try inserting it into a new document to open. The method is simple, create a new blank document, then click "Insert → file", then in the pop-up window to find the damaged document, and finally click "Insert" can be.

2. Open damaged document via link

Step 1: Create a new blank document, and then enter "This is a Test" and save it. Copy the text you just typed, create a new blank document, click edit → paste in a blank document, select the formatted text (RTF) item in the window, and then click OK after selecting the "Paste Link" item.

Step 2: Click "Link" in the "Edit" menu, then click "Change Source" in the Links window, and then in the pop-up window, select the document that you can't open and click "Open", and then click "OK" when you return.

Now we work to use Word is very common things, we use it to store text, storage data, of course, through our learning to believe you also to word again to understand it again! There is nothing in the future that is afraid of being lost!

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