How to reduce the space of WPS document footprint

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We usually read, time will also have visual fatigue, not to mention is all the text of the boring literature, so for the article more vivid, more image, more able to attract readers, we often insert some pictures, even video and so on.

When the WPS document is edited, some pictures will be added, which makes it more persuasive and easy for the reader to understand. But the picture is many, will greatly increase the volume of the document, when uploading may be limited to return, can we have no way? Let me show you how to compress the size of your pictures to reduce the volume of your document.

Operation Steps

1, open the document to be processed, select any one of the pictures, such as Figure 1 in the Picture toolbar click on the Compression Picture button.

Figure 1

2, as shown in Figure 2, in the Compression picture option, check all the pictures that are applied to the document.

Figure 2

3, resolution and the following options can be based on the actual situation to choose. As shown in Figure 3, if the picture is affected by compression, you can change the resolution.

Figure 3

With this method, the ease of editing the document, insert the picture, it is not afraid of WPS because of the document and occupy space. For users who often use WPS, or are often editing documents, this is a good way to do this.

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