How to remove bootcamp Windows partition in Mac dual system

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Before we begin, we recommend that you use time machine to back up your Mac, just in case. This will restore everything when there are individual problems. Remember that this is not just the removal of the Windows installation directory, but all the files of the Windows partition, so backup is critical.

Backup over? OK, next is how to remove the boot Camp partition for Windows 7/8 and keep the original Mac system.

1 into the Mac system

2 Open the Boot Camp Assistant application;

3 Select Install or remove Windows 7 or later version (install or remove Windows 7 and later), click Next, and then click Next.

4 Select "Restore disk to a single Mac OS partition" (Restore disks to one Mac OS partition), click Next

5 in the Restore disk interface, click the Restore button to confirm

6 wait for the operation to complete, exit the boot Camp assistant

The actual operation of these steps is to remove the Windows partition and repartition the Mac, and you can also use Disk utility to handle the goods. The biggest difference is that the boot Camp assistant does not just remove the partitions, but also remove the dual-boot tool and boot, and do a bit more thorough.

If the "Install or remove Windows 7 or later version" option is grayed out, you may have messed up the partition table or not installed the latest boot Camp driver. In this case, direct adjustment to start plant cabbage (actually refers to your Mac partition, but not accurate.) If you use a third party such as Refind and make a special setting, the boot volume is not necessarily the size of your Mac partition to include the remaining space, or delete the unused partition (resize) with Disk utility.

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