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To improve the speed of accessing Web pages, the InternetExplorer browser uses a cumulative acceleration method that stores the content (including pictures, cookies, and so on) and most of the information and content you have visited on your computer. This storage space, we call it the IE cache. Every time we visit the site, IE will first search this directory, if the content has been visited, IE does not have to download from the Internet, and directly from the cache, so as to improve the speed of access to the site.

While caching speeds up access to Web pages, and when some pages are updated and cannot get the latest data quickly, it is necessary to clean up the cache in our browser after we have spent some time on the computer, removing what we don't need from the hard drive. Below I first with the browser itself with the option to remove the cache, and then the current popular software management tools for cache cleanup.

IE browser includes browser based on IE kernel, such as 360, proud tour and other early browsers, as well as dual-core such as 360, sogou late browsers or even multi-core browsers

Most of the cases are shown in the following illustration: Taking IE7 and IE8 as examples

The tool--internet option in the menu bar or the history of browsing directly for deletion

Clear Browse traces or history Select the browser cache and other options that need to be cleared, and then delete the browser cache

IE9 and IE10 have changed a bit, all the tabs are focused on the rightmost pinion button, and other changes are small, similar to the above.

Google Browser and IE9 IE10 Similar, the menu has been centralized management, the rightmost icon:

In turn,---Clear browse data or direct shortcut key Ctrl+shift+del for the tool, and another window appears as shown in the following illustration

After the selection according to their specific circumstances, click to clear browsing data, you can clean the cache.

Firefox browser Click "Firefox" on the top left of the browser, click "Options", and then click "Options" that appear.

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