How to remove infrequently used applications under the WIN8 system

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Now the system has certain requirements for the computer configuration, if the computer's memory is very small, or the video card driver does not, will cause the computer is very card situation, so now people in the installation of new systems are very cautious, if their own computer memory is very small people do not change a large memory computer, Or start to delete some of the unused programs, so you can save a lot of space. Today, small compiled to teach you how to delete win8 system is not commonly used in some systems, those systems occupy a large amount of memory is not commonly used, you can choose to delete, quickly to clean up your computer!

1. First, we also press WIN+X to open the computer's shortcut menu bar, where the shortcut menu and the Win7 system we often say that the shortcut menu is similar, we choose Device Manager and click to enter.

2. In the Device Manager interface, we can see all the device drivers that are currently installed in the system. People find their own usually not how to use the equipment, such as small knitting here to sound, video and game controller equipment for example, right click, and then choose Uninstall.

3. The system will then pop up a confirmation of the uninstall window, we directly select the "Delete this device driver software", and then click on the confirmation below.

After the installation of the system we timely clean up the computer, for the speed of the computer has a great upgrade, the memory big enough to change the computer is really a good solution, but not the only, you can find a way to save money and trouble is good, quickly operate it!

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