How to remove the shield from the signal shielding device

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What is the signal shielding device I believe we all know that the most common is actually in the examination room. Hey, as for the small series next to say what I believe we all understand. Especially for those who have hung up on the exam, you can come in and see them. But do not tell others, they secretly know the good.

 Method One: The crack method of number segment

The school is using the model of the older signal shielding can only shield PHS, Mobile, Unicom's old section, like the new telecom Tianyi 186, Unicom's wo and mobile TD-SCDMA equals section is unable to shield! Simply say 13 15 The leading Unicom and mobile segment and all the PHS sections can be shielded! And 18 will not be shielded!

  Method Two: Band-breaking method

Because the work of the school's shielding device by interfering with the designated band of cell phone signal shielding mobile phone, so as long as the change of mobile phone to accept the frequency of transmission can be prevented from being shielded, shielding can only be shielded 900---1800MHZ of mobile phone signals, and the phone's acceptance of the launch frequency is 850-- The 1900MHZ is far larger than the shielding range, so as long as the mobile phone set in the receiver to adjust the frequency of transmission to the maximum can be normally accepted to the phone signal.

Method Three: WiFi Crack method:

This method for mobile phones and environmental requirements are higher, but the best effect is also the most covert, provided that the mobile phone must have WiFi wireless Internet features must be available around the wireless network. Use the mobile phone to search and successfully connect to the last available wireless network even if the phone does not have the signal can also go online and do not take the flow, when Hou want to find the answer can be Baidu, want to send the answer can use QQ with you how to play all the line. A method of Super metamorphosis.

Method four Bluetooth Cracked method:

Suitable for distance of not more than 50 meters of students to answer each other, I am close to the two adjacent classrooms can also be completely. Mobile phone installed like Bluetooth hackers, such as Bluetooth software, and then both open Bluetooth visibility, in the software option has forced the option to send messages through Bluetooth, the answer input into the forced delivery, all open the visible Bluetooth phone will accept the answer, a person sent to the class to share. The above method is I after several days of brooding just come up with the method, dedicated to the upcoming school to make up all because the signal was shielded and distressed students.

Of course, these trails can only be used when forced not to, we still have to review, so that the most insurance, others have less than their own

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