How to rename a cell and delete a cell name

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Excel has a default name for each cell, and its naming convention is the column label plus banner, for example, D3 represents the fourth and third rows of cells. Sometimes it's easy to remember or to make it easy. We'd like to name the cell as our own. Yes, of course, if you want to rename a excel2003 cell, you can do the following:

One, cell renaming

Select the cell you want to name, click insert → name → define command in the menu bar

When you display the Define Name dialog box, enter a name in the name in the current workbook box, click the Add button, and then click OK, and then rename the selected cell to total score.

Second, delete Excel cell naming

If we want to delete a previous Excel cell name, simply open the Define Name window in the previous way, select the previous cell name, the Delete button to the right of the point, and then click the Close button so that the previous cell name is deleted. This allows the name of the original cell to be renamed in alphanumeric terms.

Note: When naming a cell, note that the first character of the name must be a letter or kanji, it can contain up to 255 characters, can contain large and lowercase characters, but the name cannot have spaces and cannot be the same as cell references.

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