How to repair a missing component (ST8)

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Solid Edge Assembly consists of parts, sheet metal, sub-assembly and other components, forming a close connection. But if you accidentally move a component to a location, the original connection relationship is lost, so how can you get the lost relationship back? ST8 provides this method of repair, very efficient!

Figure A

Open Solid Edge assembly files, the original components on the screen can not be displayed, only the picture a prompt window, tell you the original parts, assembly, has not been found.

With solid Edge ST8, this phenomenon is not a problem. When the assembly cannot find the original component, ST8 will pop up the "fix missing Files" Prompt window (i), providing you with a repair tool.

The next step is to explain how to fix it and help you get the missing files back.

First, select the name of the file to be repaired, and the first line of two. At this point the four vertical icons on the right are highlighted, indicating that they can now work. From the top down: Search range, replace part, replace with standard, replace with new part. You can choose from four commands according to your actual needs.

Figure II

Click "Search Scope" and you will be prompted to define where to search for this missing file. Select the target folder for the search, as shown in Figure three.


The add command adds a defined search target folder to the search column. You can define multiple search folders, as shown in Figure four. Solid Edge will search for the missing file in the first folder (including subfolders) of the list, and if not, search in the second and third folders until it is found, or the end of the folder traversal is still not found, prompting you to redefine the new Search Folder.

Figure Four

The search and replace command performs the previously defined search. If found, the file is displayed. The final result is shown in five.

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How to repair a missing component (ST8)

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