How to repair Outlook 2007 source files. PST and performance Optimization patches

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Microsoft has released patches to improve the performance of Outlook 's personal data files, which will be integrated into SP2 in the future, but now can be obtained in advance for SP1 users.  Get Address: then click Agree, fill in your e-mail, a password is required for installation. and password will be sent to your mailbox, and then click to download 373379_intl_i386_zip, Extract out is Office-kb961752-fullfile-x86-glb.exe, after loading will find Outlook speed quickly.


To lose weight on Outlook, you need to streamline the . pst file. Then, make sure that Outlook is upgraded with Windows Updates and that you have the latest patches installed. If your . pst file is large, there is a patch that is especially important , which is KB933493. The patch is designed to help you load large . pst files more quickly.

Get Address: FAMILYID=C262BCFD-1E09-49B6-9003-C4C47539DF66&DISPLAYLANG=ZH-CN  If you have been using Outlook for some time now, then your. pst file may be vulnerable to damage and can no longer be loaded for use.  Solution:  First of all , to prevent, when the. pst file up to 2GB, they are prone to problems, so users need to ensure that the file is not greater than 2GB in addition, it is best to back it up. Because even if they are damaged, they can be saved by a restore. Now that you know where Outlook 2007 files are located, you should take advantage of this to regularly back up these important files.   Second , repairing the damaged. pst file can take advantage of the Microsoft Free Components Inbox Repair Tool, which is designed to fix. pst files. The tool name is Scanpst.exe, and before you run it, back up the. pst file. You can do this in the following steps:   in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12 Find Scanpst.exe The program, browse directly to find the source file, click Start (Before you close Outlook 2007) the default path for Outlook files is:C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook\ The last point repair is OK reprint:

How to repair Outlook 2007 source files. PST and performance Optimization patches

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