How to repair the Excel document garbled in Win7 environment

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The damage repair policy for Excel documents in the WIN7 environment.

Corrupted Excel Document

The use of WPS software to open an Excel document is still not

Excel document garbled

First, automatic repair:

Excel garbled Repair Tool download

Excelfix (Excel damaged repair) download

Automatic Repair method:

This method is applicable to files that have been damaged by an Excel XP program running a shutdown program or power failure. Rerun Excel XP, which automatically pops up the Document Recovery window and lists all the files that have been automatically recovered in the window. Select the file you want to keep by using the mouse, click the arrow next to the file name you want, and select Open as appropriate. "Save As". "Show repair."

Excel XP does not enable automatic repair at the default state. So preset: First click the "Tools → options" command in the menu bar, click the "Save" tab in the Settings box, cancel the "Disable AutoRecover" checkbox, and then select the "Save AutoRecover information, every X-minute" option, and enter the specified interval frequency, and then click "OK" to complete the setup.

If the Document Recovery window has not been automatically ejected, you can try to open the AutoRecover file manually by executing the file → open command, using the Look in box to locate and open the folder where Excel XP saves the AutoRecover file, and if you don't know the location of the folder, you can view the AutoRecover File save Location box, and then in the File Type selection dialog box, select the All Files (*.*) option, select the files to recover, and then click the Open button to open the file for automatic repair.

Second, manual repair:

1. Conversion Format method

is to select a damaged Excel XP workbook as a different save format. SYLK If you can open a corrupted file, but you cannot perform various editing and printing operations, it is recommended that you first try this method.

2. Direct Repair method

The latest version of Excel XP has the open and Repair feature that fixes a damaged file directly in the open window, which is true for cases in which a normal method cannot open a corrupted file.

3. Cynical method

You can also try to open a damaged Excel XP file by using Word when you are not able to open it. The operation is as follows:

(1) Run Word program, select the Excel file you want to open;

(2) If you use a Word program to open an Excel XP file for the first time, there may be "Microsoft Word cannot import the specified format." This feature is not currently installed, do you want to install it now? " , at which point you can insert a Microsoft Office installation disk for installation;

(3) Choose to fix the entire workbook or a worksheet as prompted by the Word program;

(4) Delete the corrupted data in the file first, then move the mouse to the table, and then in the menu bar in order to perform the "table → convert → table convert to Text" command, select tab to text separator, the table content into text content, and then save as plain text format file;

(5) Run Excel XP program, open just saved text file;

(6) Then the Text Import Wizard will be prompted to open the file successfully.

The repaired worksheet is basically the same as the original worksheet, but all the formulas in the table need to be reset and some text. The number format is missing.

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