How to reshape interface interaction in the big screen era?

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There are wooden students lying on the back of the mobile phone is often smashed face? If you want to protect your face without changing the big screen, you have to rely on the interaction designer. Today, Baidu's classmate summed up some of the experience of interactive work, used in a large screen interface is particularly suitable for the user's face, this article will not miss it.

This is the age of a big screen mobile phone.

The point of emphasizing this matter is that it has become a fact.

There is a personal statistic on the medium.

In the past 7 years, the newly-listed mobile phone screen size is getting bigger.

With a 4.5-inch cut-off point, we see this change more clearly. In the past two years, the 4.5-inch ratio has risen from 10% to 80%.

The number of mobile phones using FHD HD resolution increased from 38% to 50% per cent in the past 3 quarters of the country.

Larger screens can carry more content to display, more suitable for gaming, reading and playing video, and the experience is enhanced.

However, the increase in screen size did not cause the user to operate too much discomfort, 51% of users have been adapted to the hands of the operation.

Even if the user operates in one hand, the relative blind area (dark region) when operating a large screen requires more response time and can be accepted.

Even so. The 3.5 inch ~4 inch is still a reasonable size range for balancing one-handed operation and experience.

This creates a paradox: the user has a larger screen size, but it's not perfect from a human-computer interaction perspective.

Facing this situation, from the point of view of app product interface design, we need to make a change.

Large screen has a typical usability problem: vertical single hand operation of the fuselage, corner, top, left and right side difficult to reach, placed in the above blind spots of the Click, will lead to experience path interruption.

Best Practices for interactive design perspectives:

1. Design safe area, avoid operation Blind Zone

Example, Baidu search results page, according to the law of sight, typical of the upper left corner operating blind can be used for logo display.

2. Note the consistency of using scene path triggering

Example, Baidu mobile phone assistant in Android download Baidu Browser, the operation area is concentrated in the security zone.

3. More use of the floating button can be dragged to give the user more free operation possibilities

Example, Baidu browser Android page/return to the top of the combo button.

4. More use of gestures, and provide hints

Example, Baidu Browser Android's delete window operation.

5. More use of voice as input mode

Example: Use speech instead of keyboard input in a life handbook.

6. Horizontal screen pad of the operation of the design, and more content to show

Example, Baidu Browser iphone's horizontal screen design, like the Web page response layout concept.

Beyond the level of interface interaction, in the near time, the hardware has more optimization possibilities.

1. Narrower borders, larger display proportions.

2. Flexible material.

3. The "mobile phone" becomes the trigger of the service, the screen projection and the empty operation.

The scope of the discussion to extend to the hardware, is the hope that designers in the specific screen design, at the same time, from another perspective, human-computer interaction changes and possibilities to stimulate creativity.

Now is the era of big screen mobile phones, to promote your mobile phone app product follow-up!

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