How to restore a vro password after a Cisco switch is forgotten

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I think everyone will often forget the vswitch or vro password and forget how to restore the password? Based on my engineering experience, I have summarized the following:

Steps for recovering the vswitch Password

⒈ Connects the console port of the vswitch to the terminal or the PC simulation terminal. Use a direct connection without Modem to connect the serial port of the PC to the console port of the switch.

⒉ First press the mode key on the switch panel, and then turn on the power.

⒊ Initialize flash.

> Flash_init

⒋ Rename the configuration file containing password.

> Rename flash: config. text flash: config. old

⒌ Start the vswitch.

> Boot

Secret enters the privileged mode.

> Enable

When the instance is started, the password is ignored.

# Rename flash: config. old flash: config. text

Copy the configuration file to the current system.

# Copy flash: config. text system: running-config

Modify the password.

# Configure terminal

# Enable secret

⒑ Save the configuration.

# Write

Vro password restoration procedure

⒈ Connects the console port of the router to the terminal or the simulation terminal of the PC. Use a direct connection without Modem to connect the serial port of the PC to the console port of the router.

Use the show version command to display and record the configuration register value, usually 0x2102 or 0x102. if you cannot obtain the prompt using the show version command, you can view a vro like this to obtain the value of the configuration register or try 0x2102.

⒊ Shut down the power of the router and then turn on it.

The supervisor presses the Break Key within 60 seconds before startup. You will see the ">" prompt (no vro name). If the ">" prompt is not displayed, it indicates that you have not correctly sent a Break signal. You can check the settings of the terminal or simulation terminal.

⒌ At the ">" prompt, type o/r 0x42 to boot from Flash memory or type o/r 0x41 to boot from ROM (note: here "o" is the lowercase letter "O "). If it has Flash and the original seal has not been moved, 0x42 is the best setting, because it is the default value, only 0x41 is used when Flash is erased or not installed. If 0x41 is used, you can view or delete the original configuration, but you cannot change the password.

The router type I at the ">" prompt. The router restarts and ignores the configuration it saves.

Answers "no" to all the questions in the settings ".

Enter enable at the Router> prompt, and you will be prompted by the privileged user Router.

⒐ View the password and type show config

To change the password (when the password is encrypted), follow these steps:

(A) Type config mem to copy NVRAM to memory;

(B) Type wr term;

(C) If you have used enable secret xxxx, run the following command: Type config term, type enable secret, and press Ctrl + Z; if you have not used enable secret xxxx, type enable password, press Ctrl + Z;

(D) type write mem to submit and save the changes. If you delete the configuration, type write erase.

⒑ At the Router # prompt, type config term.

Comment either type the config-register0x2102 or type the value recorded in step 2.

Press Ctrl + Z to exit editing.

⒔ At the Router # prompt, type the reload command, and do not need to write memory.

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