How to restore the factory system by E73 e63z and other pre-installed Win7 system of Lenovo ThinkCentre

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Adaptation models: E73, e73s, e63z, e93z and other ThinkCentre models
Adaptive operating system: A randomly preinstalled windows 7 operating system
One-click Recovery shortcuts: F11
Operation Steps:
1, at the start of the continuous percussion F11 button, the appearance of the background of the life buoy interface, the default keyboard input method for Chinese Simplified-American keyboard, direct click Next, as shown:
2, click the next option to the top, will appear to choose the user name and password interface, as shown:
Note: The user name and password read by this interface is an account with administrator privileges under Windows System, and the user name and password that are maintained when the operating system is encapsulated are identified by the general user if they do not create additional accounts.
To this Select User name and password interface, only a username, and click the Drop-down button does not reflect, no other user name selection, and do not know the password, how to solve?
1, if you know the user name and password directly after you can click Next; 2, if the machine can also enter the Windows operating system, you can enter the system after a new account and password with administrator rights, restart the computer again after the boot press f11 into the system Recovery options interface, Select the new username, then click Next to go down the operation, 3, if the machine can not enter the operating system, then do not know the current user name under this interface password, then can only be sent to the service network to restore this random software.
3, after entering the correct username and password Click Next, will appear to select the Recovery tool interface, here we need to select the last option "Lenovo factory Recovery", as shown:
4, select "Lenovo factory recovery" option will appear in the selection of language interface, where we can choose the Simplified Chinese option, as shown:
5, after the choice of language, click Next, will appear license agreement interface, as shown:
6, click Next, when I accept these terms and conditions, normally prompts "If you click" Yes, the data will be lost and the system will revert to the state of your choice. "So before doing this, be sure to ask the user whether to back up the overall data to other storage media, because the recovery factory system is to restore the entire hard drive , the default system for this type of model is only a C partition and a Q partition, as shown in the figure:
If the user clicks I accept the license agreement after clicking the next error prompts the recovery failure, then how to solve? as shown in figure:

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