How to restore the logon password of windows XP

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The security performance of Windows XP is much better than that of Windows 9X. We can set a password for a personal user to protect our secrets, but what if we forget the logon password one day? Is there no other way except formatting the hard disk and reinstalling the system? No! Let's look for tips for restoring Windows XP login.
1. Create a boot floppy disk to fix the User Password
In Windows XP, Microsoft provides us with a function to create a boot floppy disk to fix user passwords. When we forget the password, we can use this floppy disk to start the computer, so we should make a password boot disk in advance just in case. Click the "User Account" option in "start" and "Control Panel". In the displayed dialog box, select your account to go to the control interface of your account, then, click "block a forgotten password" in the upper-left corner of the window to go to the "forgot password wizard" dialog box. Click "Next". The Wizard prompts you to insert a blank formatted disk to the drive, and then click "Next". The Wizard prompts you to enter the current password for this account, the password boot disk is created in a few seconds after the user loses the password. When we forget our password one day, just click the arrow on the right of our account and then click "Reset disk with password" in the pop-up prompt bar ", then, insert the previously prepared password boot disk into the soft drive. Follow the system prompts to reset the password and log on to Windows XP. This method is suitable for Windows XP in various partition formats.
2. Remove the Windows XP Logon password from the dual system
If there are other operating systems besides Windows XP on our machine, you can start it with another operating system and then delete "C: the "SAM" file under the "WindowsSystem 32Comfig" Directory (Here we assume that Windows XP is installed on the C drive), that is, the account password database file. Then restart Windows XP, and the Administrator "administratoc" account will have no password. If there is only one Windows XP system, you can switch the hard disk to another machine to delete the SAM file.
This method is applicable to Windows XP installed using FAT32 partitions. If NTFS partitions are used for installation, ensure that other systems can access NTFS partitions.
3. Use NTFSDOS to restore the Windows XP Logon Password
First from Ntfs/html downloads a tool named "ntfs dos", which is used to create a boot disk that can operate NTFS partitions under DOS. After DOS is started, switch to the system directory, for example, "C: WindowsSystem 32. scr is renamed as Logon. scr. copy "" and rename the file "Logon. scr ". Then restart the machine. When screen protection is enabled, you will find that the screen is displayed in command line mode and has the permission of administratoc. You can change the password or add a new Administrator account. After entering Windows XP, change the name of the "Logon. scr. bak" screen saver. This method is applicable to Windows XP installed in the NTFS partition.
4. Use other tools to recreate the Windows XP Logon Password
You can find many Windows XP Logon tools on the Internet. For example, you can use the Boot disk of Linux Boot Disks to access the NTFS file system, read the registry, and rewrite the account and password; using the NT Acess tool, you can bypass the protection of the system Syskey, reset the password for Windows NT/2000 and Windows XP, and tools such as Passware Kit and o & oBluecon 2000, for detailed operations, refer to the description of each software.

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