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How to restore the taskbar to a major problem, can be a difficult problem of cattle anti-virus toolbox easy to solve.

Believe in Daily computer operation, you will also encounter this situation: Windows taskbar widening, or dislocation. In fact, these situations generally exist in the use of most users. Recently a large number of netizens have proposed how to restore the taskbar? How does the taskbar widen? and so on.

Online puzzle: How to restore the taskbar on the left?

But the Cow antivirus safety engineer explained that the real reason is no outside a few:

One, is because the user misoperation causes the taskbar to drag and drop on the desktop side or above;

Second, is a hoax program, for the purpose of quirky system settings to change, so that the taskbar widening or not under the desktop;

Three, the taskbar does not lock, causing drag and drop can move position and users do not know how to restore.

Now can cow Free Antivirus troubleshooter Toolbox integrated taskbar restore functionality

Can cow safety Engineer to answer the question "How to restore the taskbar"

NET friend Little ou is a small dish that just touches the computer, usually like to a variety of computer forums and Internet users to explore, to help others solve computer problems at the same time also promote their own technical level, of course, his notebook was his protection is also watertight, never let go of any loophole, the patch was very diligent, security software also installed a pile. But this day he found some very strange things in the system, the Windows taskbar is not actually below, but appears on the left side of the desktop! Baffled to find the Cow safety engineer has proposed the task bar how to restore the problem.

The Cattle safety engineer, after assessing the problem, found that such as small Europe of computers are not very familiar with the user face "how to restore the taskbar," "Taskbar widening" problems such as the network name does not occupy a minority, and most of them are due to misoperation caused by the task bar widening, the taskbar can not be restored and so on. Of course, there is no rule of malicious software in order to achieve the purpose of the wacky computer taskbar settings to shift and lock, resulting in the taskbar widening and other phenomena can not be resolved.

How to use the problematic toolbox to troubleshoot "How the Taskbar is restored", "taskbar widening", and so on

Originally for the vast majority of users, encountered this abnormal situation of the taskbar will be helpless, because the malicious software has been modified system settings, the use of ordinary killing soft can not be repaired! The taskbar cannot be restored even after all viruses have been purged.

But now the use can be cow free anti-virus "difficult problem toolbox" can be easily done!

1. Download Difficult Toolbox

2. Click the "Start Repair" button.

3. After the scan is finished, in the left dialog box, select the problem you want to fix.

4. For the sake of safety, repair complete recommended download the world's leading Kaspersky engine can be cow antivirus for the overall scan.

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