How to restrain the jjc national team from the legend of the turret orange 2 Arena

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JJC orange 2 National team restraint lineup Match one: awakening pain Queen + bone law + Silence + awakening captain + ice soul


1. If the captain changes a little or the tide is better, the blood volume and magic resistance are required.

2. Silence can suppress the energy in the front row, and can well restrain the power of the third Mage, which is irreplaceable.

3. The bone technique provides full magic resistance, and the emptiness of the bone technique (the virtual unit can receive magic damage bonus). After the skill is tested in practice, it can work perfectly with the Queen's small skills.

4. The ice soul enables its Mage lineup to cause higher legal damage, and the big moves can be used to bomb the core Mage Group of the other party, laying a foreshadowing for the Queen's big moves.

5. The Queen is the most terrible king of AOE in this version of the legal system. In combination with the big promotion Buff of ice soul, the effect is remarkable.

JJC orange 2 National team restraint lineup with 2: Awakening light method + death Prophet + awakening tide + Medusa + Silence


1. The tide and blood are high, the armor is high, the magic resistance is better than the captain, and the ability to withstand the small skills of the national team Mage is more stable.

2. The essence of this lineup is that the light method adds energy to the first sister with the lowest level of resistance (the most energy in the early stage), and the first sister opens a big screen to open up silence, silent opening creates time and environment for dp and optical method opening. It is compact and scientific.

3. A sister does not expect her output to be high here. More importantly, she steals energy and consumes a certain amount of blood.

4. The "death Prophet" and "light law" are the final weapons used to harvest the remnant. If, during the silence period, the "death Prophet" will be able to safely kill any of the three cores, then the competition won basically, because only two major legal moves are difficult to shake the blood volume and magic resistance are good death prophets.

JJC orange 2 National team restraint Team Match three: death Prophet + Medusa + Silence + death ride + enemy law


1. The death horse and the enemy's law of orange 2 are definitely regarded as sharp swords. Although the enemy's law of orange 2 is still brittle, the output is very high. Under the protection of the death horse, there is still something to do against the Mage.

2. Yundun, silent, and death Xianzhi are still a routine of outputting and controlling parallelism.

3. Of course, the role of the "death Prophet" must be mentioned here is not only to release the silent skills but also to expand itself, because if there is Naga on the opposite side, the death Prophet is required to complete the harvest, in this lineup, no matter the enemy France or a sister can hardly beat Naga.

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