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When we browse the Web, we always jump out of a lot of ads, see those small ads mood also become worse, then how can we block these ads? The following little edit teaches you to use QQ computer steward to block these advertising methods.

The first step: the first need to install the computer QQ computer Butler, and then open and enter the "toolbar" (from the bottom right corner of the interface can find the entrance).

The second step: Open the QQ computer Butler tool, you can see a lot of utilities, including repair vulnerabilities, WiFi sharing, test speed and advertising filtering, and so on, here we click on the "Advertising filter" function, as shown in the following figure.

The third step: to enter the advertising filter settings, first click on the right side of the "open recommendation" on it. If there is advertising control, want to screen the depth of advertising, you can also open the "strong filter Rules", opened to maximize the shielding of advertising.

The above is the use of QQ computer Butler screen Advertising tutorials, you can effectively screen the window ads, if the strong filter on the Web page, most of the ads will be filtered out. In addition, 360 security guards and Jinshan guards also have similar advertising filtering function, you may wish to try.

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