How to screen speakers in a desktop box

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WIN7/XP System

If your computer system is windows 7 or XP, first need to enter Device Manager, click on the menu bar to select "view → show hidden devices."

At this point, you will find a new line of "non-Plug and Play drivers" in the list of devices to find the "beep" inside.

At this point, the XP system simply click on the "beep" above the right mouse button, select "Deactivate" can be.

If it is a Win7 system, you need to double-click Beep to enter the property interface and set the startup type to inactive on the Driver tab.

Please note, do not choose to delete oh, or wait until you restart the system after the plugin will be automatically installed and restored.

WIN8/WIN10 system

Starting with Win8, Microsoft has castrated the function of the graphical interface above, so it is only possible to implement the shielding speakers by using the command prompt or by modifying the registry.

Take a look at the command prompt method first.

Right-click at the Start button, run the command prompt as an administrator, and enter any of the following sets of code as required:

sc stop beep

It means to turn off the horn immediately (not permanently).

sc config beep start= disabled

It means to permanently turn off the horn.

After you enter the code and execute it, you will not hear the horn when you restart the computer. If you regret wanting to recover, just repeat the steps above and execute the following code.

sc config beep start= system

Let's take a look again. By using the registry mask method:

Press "Win key +r" execute "regedit" into Registry Editor, navigate to "Hkey_local_machinesystemcurrentcontrolsetservicesbeep" position, click "Beep", find "start on the right" "and double-click to open it.

Will modify the numeric data of 4 on behalf of the shield, want to restore only need to change back to 1.

Oh, yes, if you are using a desktop, you can also take the horn on the chassis of the line directly unplug, once and for all. But Cfan is not very recommended to do so, through the system screen can move the mouse at any time to change back, the demolition of the chassis plug line of work is not so simple oh (there is also a situation is the motherboard with a buzzer, pulling nothing, can only be changed with the system).

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