How to see the broadband is a few trillion

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method One: Through the speed test

1, first in Baidu search "Speed test", and then can find a lot of speed speed tool, and then click on a popular test tool open, as shown in the following figure.

2, open the Speed Test tool, click "Start Test", as shown in the following figure.

Broadband Speed Test

3, the last wait for the tool to complete the speed test, the results of this network test are as follows.

Viewing broadband is a few megabytes of method

From the above test results can be seen, the fastest is the telecommunications, can be judged by the broadband is telecommunications, according to the 1MBPS=1024KBPS=1024/8KBPS=128KB/S (maximum rate) data, the fastest download speed for 227kb/s, basically belong to the speed of 2M broadband.

What needs to be explained is that such broadband testing tools have some errors, if you want to test results more accurate, need no other people on the network to the Internet, and the current test computer needs to shut down all other bandwidth-intensive programs, the test will be more accurate. As a result of the small series is wireless network, there are other members of the home in the use of mobile phone Internet, resulting in the actual 4M broadband, after testing, the display of the approximate speed is 2M.

 Method Two: The use of professional broadband testing tools

If you think Baidu search some online Web page testing tool is not accurate, can also use some more professional speed test tools, such as "360 Broadband speed Device", if the computer installed 360 security guards, you can find this tool, if not installed, can also be directly online search installation "360 broadband speed meter."

Download the installation directly after the test can be, in order to make the speed test as far as possible to become accurate, reduce the impact of other factors, here requires testing, as far as possible not to let other equipment networking, only keep the speed of the computer running Speed tool, the speed of the following:

After the velocity is completed, the 360 broadband speed meter will give the test results directly, and will show the equivalent of how much broadband, as shown in the following figure.

360 Speed measurement using P2p+http test method, the speed is relatively accurate, the small series above the pull is 4M Telecom Broadband, the use of 360 test, the results show also coincide with the actual.

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