How to see the quality of the power supply

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How to see the quality of the power supply

As the source of the power of the computer, the quality of the power supply determines the stability of the whole computer. But most people pay more attention to the other parts of a PC and often ignore the quality of the power supply. So high power configuration with the low-end power of things are not uncommon, the resulting host problem is also frequent, and even appeared because of power quality problems caused the whole machine scrapped. Therefore, the choice of a good power supply, to ensure the stable operation of the machine is the most important.

As a result of a large number of power supply models, and in the black box, the inside of the components need to be through special means to query, and the power supply many components, there are a lot of working principle even need professionals to understand, then there is a relatively simple way to identify a power supply it?

method or some, that is, by identifying the nameplate on the power supply to basic understanding of a power supply specifications. Through the Power nameplate identification, we can generally determine whether a power supply is not a good power, or in the end suitable for our own platform to use.

▲ The nameplate displayed above a certain power supply

Maximum power is peak, rated power is important

Rated power, for a power source is very important, only we clearly see the "Rated power" in order to truly understand the power supply can not be a good support for our platform needs.

Now there are profiteers and unscrupulous manufacturers to the maximum power standard called Rated power, which is obviously not authentic. "Maximum power" is "peak power", the maintenance of a very short time, simply can not meet the needs of stable computer work. And the rated power is a power supply stable operation can provide energy.

12V output is the key

In the power supply nameplate, the most important parameter is the power provided by the +12V, because its output capacity is often determined by 12V. And the computer inside the important hardware such as graphics cards and other large power consumers are relying on the graphics card 12V electricity, so a power supply 12V output power will determine the strength of the power. Sometimes although a power supply rated power, but its 12V output power is unsatisfactory, resulting in frequent computer crashes, blue screen, so the power is also not selectable.

So how do you calculate the power of 12V? According to the most basic formula P=ui to calculate, by looking at the nameplate of the +12v output flow, and then combined, multiplied by 12 volts, then the total output power of +12v. Generally speaking, a qualified power supply 12V power needs to achieve more than 80% of the rated power, and excellent game power can reach more than 90% or even close to 100%. But now the qualified power of the +12V output power are qualified, everyone in the choice of time to identify a few manufacturers of the power supply is good.

What's 5VSB?

Compared to 12V output power, 5VSB specifications Most people do not pay much attention to. 5VSB gives the power to the activation circuit and to the rear of the motherboard connector power. In other words, many of the interface on the motherboard includes a large number of USB interface, PS2 interface, etc. are dependent on the 5VSB to power. If the output power of 5VSB is small, then for users with multiple USB devices, the pressure is quite large, there may be a lack of USB power supply, especially for some mobile hard disk, the consequences of the lack of power is naturally fatal.

What are these certifications?

In addition to output power and rated power, in the power supply nameplate there are a wide range of certification, many people only know a "CCC", others are not known, then the Power nameplate above the certification is what?

80Plus Certification

The first is the most compelling 80Plus certification. This is the authentication identification of the power conversion efficiency. At present, the 80Plus is divided into six kinds, including white, bronze, silver, gold, white gold and titanium gold. Power grade and efficiency in this promotion, especially white gold and titanium gold, access to these two certified power is rare, the quality of course is not to worry about even with the best, of course, the price is also called sky-high prices.

In general, if a power supply has been "Plus" Gold certification, then basically can be considered the quality of the power supply can be guaranteed.

RoHS Certification

RoHS is a mandatory standard established by EU legislation, and its full name is the directive on limiting the use of certain harmful components in electronic and electrical equipment. It is mainly used to standardize the materials and process standards of electronic and electrical products, and make them more beneficial to human health and environmental protection.

Although the RoHS certification for the power of the performance requirements do not have much impact, but the RoHS certification is for the user's health protection, a RoHS-certified power supply can be said to be relatively green.

CB CCC CE FC Certification

Above the Plus and RoHS certification is not mandatory certification, manufacturers can according to their own level of strength to choose certification or not certification. But the following certification is belong to various countries for the compulsory certification of electronic products, such as the most familiar CCC certification is "Mandatory product certification System", which is the Chinese government to protect consumer personal safety and national security, strengthen product quality management, in accordance with the laws and regulations implemented a product conformity assessment system. Popular words is to have these certification can be in the market circulation and sale, if a power supply does not have more than the certification, then the ten are the Shanzhai power, very unreliable.

Read the nameplate, worry a lot

The information on the nameplate above is very much, through the nameplate of the amount of data can be judged by the size of a power supply, although the power of the good or bad still have to rely on the components inside, but the correct identification of a nameplate can give power to the choice to bring considerable convenience. If you think the nameplate is still not reliable, then according to the traditional experience to choose power, "one Yuan a watt" slogan although it looks a bit outdated, but according to the standard choice of power in the same specifications under the relatively excellent position, and high-end power supply to 1.2 yuan, 1.5 yuan or even 2-2.5 Yuan a watt is preferred.

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