How to select available services for Windows Azure Vm, cloud service, Web application

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Windows Azure's Web apps and virtual machines are often used. We often deploy our website. Generally choose a web app or open a virtual machine. A virtual machine is billed as the virtual machine's usage time.

So what's the difference between choosing a Web deployment?

This is an article that was found from a researcher at Azure.

The article reads as follows:

I'm sure you've seen my blog post and have some knowledge of Windows Azure managed services. Then we'll find that in general there are three types of Windows Azure services, namely:

    1. Windows Azure Website
    2. Cloud Service
    3. Virtual Machines

If I am an enterprise user, in the face of these three different hosting services, which service should I choose to migrate existing enterprise applications to the Windows Azure cloud computing platform?

Here I would like to tell you the difference between Windows Azure three services, such as:

It's not hard to find out that, in the Windows Azure Service platform,Web site features are:

    1. Build a highly extensible Web site on Windows Azure.
    2. Quickly and easily deploy a highly scalable cloud environment and start at a small scale.
    3. Use your chosen language and open source applications, such as wordexpress, FTP, Git or TFS, and easily integrate with Windows Azure services such as SQL database, cache, CDN and storage.
    4. Web site is characterized by rapid deployment and provides only basic Windows Azure features, such as application and data. But more advanced features, such as the startup Task,native Code,virtual network, are not supported.

Web site is better for:

    1. A modern web application. Applications that include client script, server-side scripts, and databases. and can scale horizontally.
    2. Continuous development. Deploy directly from the source code base using GIT or Team Foundation.
    3. Use open source applications. You can use open-source applications directly, such as WordPress.

The features of Cloud services are as follows:

    1. Resume on Windows Azure or extend your enterprise application.
    2. Create highly available, scalable applications and services with a rich PAAs environment. Supports advanced multi-tiered architectures, automated deployment, and elastic computing. With Windows Azure PaaS, you can provide a powerful SaaS solution for customers around the world.
    3. With virtual network, you can connect your local LAN network to the Windows Azure Public cloud network. This allows the enterprise network to enjoy the highly elastic computing and interoperability of the public cloud, while also ensuring network security.

Cloud Service is more suitable for:

    1. Multiple layers of applications, each of which can be self-expandable. Using Web role and worker role,web role can respond to the front-end display, while complex business is placed on the backend for processing.
    2. Advanced Management. If your application requires administrator privileges, Remote Desktop access, or running code with elevated privileges, you can use the cloud Service.
    3. Private cloud + public cloud. You can use Windows Azure Connect to make point-to-point connections to your Azure public cloud, or use Azure Virtual network to connect your enterprise intranet or private networks to public clouds.

 The features of Virtual machine are as follows:

    1. Services that provide IaaS. Not only Windows-supported, but Linux operating systems are supported.
    2. Easily deploy and run Windows Server and Linux virtual machines within minutes, migrating running loads without changing existing code. For Windows OS-based apps, you can deploy it to Hyper-V as a VHD file and upload it directly to Windows Azure for deployment and hosting.
    3. Support virtual network, connect your LAN enterprise applications directly to the public cloud, and enjoy the convenience of cloud computing.

Virtual machine is more suitable for:

    1. Supports Windows or Linux. You can quickly migrate your existing Windows-or Linux-based apps to Windows Azure.
    2. Support for more service applications. You can use SQL Server mysql,mongodb,sharepoint applications in Windows Azure.
    3. Support for migrating existing applications to the public cloud. You can save persisted non-relational data to a Windows Azure VHD.

How to select available services for Windows Azure Vm, cloud service, Web application

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