How to select the deployment mode of Internet behavior management software to realize network monitoring

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Tiancheng Internet Behavior Management software has four deployment modes, which are suitable for different network environment, this article introduces the advantages and disadvantages of these four deployment modes, for users ' reference.

System Requirements: xp/2003/vista/2008/win7 (32/64-bit operating system can)

Because the day easy into the Internet behavior management software is the management of Internet behavior, it requires a computer to access the Internet.

Mode: ARP Gateway recommended use!

Advantages: No need to change the network topology. The monitor can be turned off and the network is restored to an administrative state.

Disadvantage: only suitable for single segment environment, the number of managed machines is best not more than 200 units.

Requirements: The router cannot open the ARP firewall and cannot do ip-mac binding. The managed computer cannot open the ARP firewall and bindings.

Mode: Network Bridge mode recommended use!

Note: must first set up a good network bridge, and then install the day easy into the Internet behavior management software. Remember!!!

Advantages: Applicable to any network environment, powerful, can break through the ARP firewall for management.

Disadvantages: None.

Requirements: A computer with dual network card placed between the router/firewall and the switch, and on this computer Configuration Network Bridge, install software.

Mode: Dual Network card Gateway

Advantages: Applicable to the network at the exit of a computer dial-up agent on the Internet, the function is very strong, can break through the ARP firewall to achieve all functions.

Disadvantages: None.

Requirements: Need a computer to do the gateway, the monitoring software installed in the Export Dial computer office.

Mode: Single network card gateway

Benefits: Fully manage computers that use the ARP firewall. Only need to modify the gateway/router IP.

Deployment: Example: Network original gateway ip:, intranet computer ip:192.168.0.x;

1. Modify the original gateway IP for unused IP, such as;

2. Modify the default gateway of the monitoring computer for the new gateway ip:;

3. In the Monitoring computer IP properties of the Advanced page to add the original gateway ip:! must be shown in the following image of the native IP in front, the original gateway IP in the post!

4. Monitoring computer installation days easy to network management, select a single network card gateway, the parameters set up the original gateway ip:;

5. After the first start of management, the use of ARP firewall computer, must restart once;

6. If the network is a DHCP environment, it is necessary to shut down the DHCP of the original gateway and open the DHCP service in the network in the day easily.

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