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Now buy a lot of people, but also for the book equipped with a wireless router, here to do a simple introduction to the wireless router tutorial, teach you how to use the wireless router, how to set up, to help everyone early wireless Internet access:

If you feel this article is more practical, welcome to the collection, so that in the future when needed to look.

  First, wireless router basic use method

1. Take the hand of the wireless router, connect good power supply (embarrassing ...) Nonsense, haha)

2. The wireless router generally has 5 cable jacks on the back, one of which will be different from the other four. As shown in figure

Separate this color the different jacks are connected to the ADSL cat, so this place should be connected with your cat with a network cable.

3. The other 4 holes are used to connect to the desktop, of course, you can also use to connect the notebook.

The wiring setup is complete!

  Two, wireless router software setup method

To make your wireless router work, you need to set up your router with software, tell your router your ADSL username and password, and how to encrypt your wireless network.

1. Connect the notebook to the router with a network cable (four holes in the picture), and then you can set the wireless route through the browser.

The router address is:, direct input access can be (see: Each brand Router address encyclopedia).

Successful access, the browser will prompt you to enter the login username and password, the vast majority of the router username is admin, password is also admin (see: router password Daquan All brand routing password summary).

2. After landing, you should first set ADSL virtual dial (PPPoE), enter your ADSL username password, so that the router can automatically dial the Internet.

Another: If you are to put this no line by connected with another line, then you can skip the ADSL setup step, set up the wireless network directly.

3. Find "Quick Setup" and set ADSL.

Because of different brand routers, set the interface is different, so here only to ipcom wireless router For example, the other brand router setup process is basically similar, in short, you find the place to set ADSL.

3 Select "ADSL Virtual dial" and "Next" in the "Quick Setup" menu

4 fill in your Internet account and password

Fill in the successful "save" can be.

  Third, wireless network security Configuration

To make sure your wireless network is not being used by others, you need to set up a secure password for your wireless networks.

1. First find "Wireless Settings"-"Basic settings", in the "SSID" to fill in the name of your router, you casually set up to identify their own network.

2. Access to the "Security settings," which is mainly used to set up wireless access password, the router brand is different, but the content of the set is basically the same, refer to the following figure.

6 Set up the above three items, and then "save" (remember the password OH)

3. Wireless router part of the basic set up, and finally turn on the laptop wireless network connection, and then search to the wireless network you just set up, and finally click on the connection, enter your own just set the password.

Hey, everything's OK.

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