How to set the best virtual memory?

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The Set method is also simple and easy to set by using the following steps. Computer Right button, properties, advanced system settings, Performance > Settings ..., Advanced, virtual memory > Changes ..., automatic management cancellation, custom size, settings, OK, exit reboot.

If you do not have confidence in debugging, please see this step, choose Automatic, when it is knowledge popularization, if you want to have set, please look down

Virtual memory settings Many people have some misunderstanding, we understand these misunderstandings.

Some people think that the bigger the virtual memory set the better, the idea is wrong.

When you set the virtual memory is too large, not only waste disk space, but also increased the length of the head positioning, reducing the efficiency of the system implementation, no benefit.

So how much is the best virtual memory setting?

It is recommended to set the initial size and maximum value to 1-2 times your physical memory. For example, 1G is set to 2048MB (1G memory is twice times), 2G is set to 4096MB (2G memory is twice times), 3G is set to 4608MB (3G memory is 1.5 times times), 4G memory is set to 4096MB first ( 1 time times less than 4G Plus), if your physical memory is smaller than 2G or 2G, it is recommended to upgrade your physical memory (initial size and maximum settings to be consistent). Set virtual Memory Method: Right-click on My Computer/Properties/Advanced/performance Settings/Advanced/virtual Memory change/Choose custom size, at initial size and maximum, set to 1-2 times your physical memory. If your memory is 1G, set the initial size and maximum value to 2048MB. After setting press the "Settings" button and then press OK and apply, restart the computer settings to take effect.

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