How to set the power options of Lenovo ThinkPad S5 Windows 10

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In this article, the testing model is ThinkPad S5, and the Windows 10 and 64-bit professional systems are pre-installed. When the Word and QQ software are enabled, the testing results are for reference only. The actual use time will be different from that of the background program, the screen brightness is directly affected.


1. Set power options:


Right-click the power icon, select power options or right-click in the lower left corner of the desktop, and select "power options ";



Set the power supply scheme as needed,
Lenovo Power Optimized: Lenovo Power optimization mainly uses laptops in high-performance and standby mode to ensure smooth use of computers while optimizing battery time.
Energy-saving: automatically reduces the screen brightness, cpu frequency, and greatly prolongs the battery standby time by more than twice compared with the balanced mode, which makes the computer's standby mode short.


High performance: the performance of the computer is fully open, and the performance of the entire machine is improved to more than 30% compared with energy saving. This makes it easy for the computer to respond to various applications.



2. Add and delete power supply solutions as needed


Create a power plan:


Right-click in the lower left corner of the desktop and select "power options ";



Select "create power plan ";



Set as needed;



Interface after creation;



Delete power plan:


First select any other power plan to be deleted, for example, "my custom plan 1" to be deleted ";



Delete this plan;



Power supply solution setup problems and solutions


FAQ summary:


1. An airplane icon appears on the battery icon, and the computer cannot be properly charged.




Right-click the power icon, select the power option or right-click in the lower left corner of the desktop, and select "power option" to switch to the power solution to check whether the power can be properly charged;




2. After one-click Recovery, a black screen of the computer plugging adapter computer is found.




If the conversion rate of the adapter power supply and battery power supply is different, you only need to disable the setting.


Method 1


Right-click the desktop-graphic properties-power-select use battery;



Power-saving function-deselect the display refresh rate switch-OK.



Method 2


Turn on the power option and select change plan settings:



Select to change the advanced power settings:



Select intel (R) and change the options to max per.



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