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Friends who use PPT want to know how to set the transparency of a picture? There is no option to change the transparency of the picture directly in PPT2010. However, there are several ways to do this:

One way: the taskbar--design, with background-style options in the upper-right corner--sets the background style, or right-click the last option directly on a blank page to set the background style. Then click on the picture fill, select the picture you want to insert, you can set the transparency.

Path two: You can first in the picture processing software to be processed before inserting.

Approach three: PPT2010 in the Insert Picture, its picture tool provides a lot of ready-made picture effects, as well as picture color options, although not very accurate, but some of the effects can be similar to reduce the transparency requirements.

When you are doing a PowerPoint presentation of a project, there may be such a requirement is to insert a picture to the other picture to explain, after the insertion will find that the following figure has been covered, then only set up the upper part of the picture background to be transparent to see the following picture, then PPT photo transparency How to set it? Here's a nice way to do it. , you can try this:

Specific steps

1. This is the original situation:

2. Click on the right mouse button, and then select the following: Format picture.

3. To the Fill-> Picture or texture Fill-> Transparency adjust to the appropriate degree.

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