How to set up a dual monitor display

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First, check whether the notebook has dual-screen display (DualView) function.

Opens the settings item in the Display Properties dialog box, indicating that the video card supports dual-screen display (DualView) If there are two display icons, and if there are no two display icons, see only the shrinking icon on the desktop, indicating that the graphics card does not support dual-screen display (DualView).

Next, the notebook computer expanded into a dual-screen display settings are as follows:

Connect the external monitor to the VGA port on your notebook, open the Display Properties dialog box for your notebook, and select the settings option to see the two monitor icons;

Click "Advanced" select "Show" card, the laptop LCD set as the main display, the external monitor set to the secondary display, at this time can also be set the main, secondary display color depth, resolution and refresh rate, they do not have to be the same;

When set to return to display properties, monitor 1 is a notebook LCD, monitor 2 is an external CRT, and when the mouse clicks on one of the display icons, it is highlighted and displays information about its monitor;

Select the check box labeled "Extend my Windows desktop to this monitor", a "Compatibility Warning" window pops up, and "OK" is selected.

Place the external CRT on the left side of the desk and the LCD on the right, and then the CRT (monitor 2) is placed on the Ieft, and the LCD (monitor 1) is on the right-hand side.

When the settings are complete, the primary monitor LCD is the same as the original, the external monitor is blank, you can move the mouse between the two monitors, drag or stretch the window, you can also move the application to a peripheral monitor execution.


How to use a notebook to illustrate slides:

Notebook external monitor or projector dual-screen display (DualView), you can achieve multiple display, multitasking demonstration purposes. Some software is also starting to support multiple displays, multitasking, and the use of these features in teaching and speaking.

Sets how slides are displayed.

Click "Slide Show" in the menu bar and select "Set Show Mode" To eject the "Set Up Show" window;

Select Monitor 2 in the slide show show in multiple monitors to have the contents of the slide show on the external monitor;

Select Show Presenter view to make sure that the settings take effect.

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