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Like other wireless routers, the Fibonacci wireless router settings are also very simple, the wireless router and computer equipment, such as a good connection, first open the browser, in the URL box, Enter, then pop-up Login dialog box, enter the username and password for admin Hu, press ENTER, you can enter the Fibonacci wireless router management settings interface, the following figure:

After entering the management interface of the wireless router, the same, for novice friends, click the Settings Wizard to step through the wireless router settings. As shown below, go to the first step of the wizard, select the mode according to your own requirements, generally choose "Routing Mode" and then click Next:

Fibonacci T1 Wireless router settings in the wide-area network connection type has three kinds, a static IP, dynamic IP and home most commonly used dial-up PPPoE, such as three ways, generally our home is dial-up Internet, so select the PPPoE method, and then click Next, the following figure:

In the following "Internet account" and "Internet password" inside fill out the network provider to provide you with the Internet account number and password. If there is no Internet account can contact the telecommunications or Netcom and other network merchants to buy, here is to fill in our network cable, Internet operators to our online account and password. After completing the following completion remember to click on the bottom of the interface "save" operation to calculate the end of the setting.

In the next wizard, need to choose whether to open a wireless network, because today's wireless network, smartphones, tablets, notebooks and so on need wireless, so first of all in the wireless state to choose "Enable", and then enter the SSD inside the "created wireless network name" Users like to write a name, Finally in the following safe mode to select "Wpa-psk." Wpa2-psk "Encryption method, this encryption method is currently the most popular, and then fill in the following 8-digit wireless password, completed, and then point next, the following figure:

This is the T1 Wireless Router Fast Wizard Setup is completed, the following figure, you can go to test whether the wireless internet, the use of smartphones or laptops and other wireless devices to connect, you need to fill out the wireless password just set up to be able to connect.

If the user needs to further improve the wireless forget effect, or enhance the security of the wireless network, can also be set up in some other detail options, as follows:

The advanced settings below the basic settings will have a number of detail settings, as shown in the following figure:

In the advanced settings of this Fibonacci wireless router, you can also set better security features, such as preventing Dos attacks, and setting up remote administration, and so on, as shown below:

Another feature that has to be mentioned is that this Fibonacci wireless router supports the IP broadband control function, the current mainstream wireless router has this function, this function is very practical, can help us more just according to the request allocation network resources, for example many wireless routers do not have this function, many people surf the internet, one person watches the high definition movie , can cause other user network abnormal card, then if have the IP broadband control function, can control each user's broadband limit here, can effectively avoid the problem of Rob Broadband. The following figure:

PS: Here's the broadband control, need to set up according to their own network environment, such as home pull is the 8M network cable, the picture set is the best on the line 2000K (quite 2m0), the lowest on-line 500K, the very lowest will be reserved for each user half m network resources, can effectively prevent off line, Everyone according to the instructions and their own network bandwidth adjustment.

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