How to set up a power supply for a notebook installing the Win7 system

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One, skillfully set the power off button

The power button under the Start menu is free to set, we can right-click on the Start button, select Properties to pull up the menu on the right, and then set the Drop-down menu in power button action, and click OK to finish. Small series I usually restart the computer more often, so, set to restart the key, convenient a lot. Digression: There are many other features under this setting, and friends can take time to study them.

Two, the custom power switch of the Notebook

Many friends do not understand the Win7 system's power settings have any advantages, often feel as long as the highest performance on the good. In fact, as the core of the book, that is, the power supply, is a certain service life, if the power supply life is limited, and then a good configuration is a device, and just the right power settings, you can enhance the life of the power supply at the same time, to ensure the stability of the operation of the

First, we can click the Power icon in the taskbar to bring up the Power Switch dialog box, where two preset options are available, and there is a more power option below for us to set up.

Power setting options

The power options in the balance mode are used by default in the WIN7 system (the display brightness is automatically lowered within 2 minutes (called "gray Scale"), 5 minutes after the automatic shutdown display, 15 minutes automatically put the computer into hibernation state, this design guarantees the basic application, in the case of external power supply can guarantee the basic use. Of course, if we use the computer to play a large game, we should choose the "highest performance", this power configuration, increase the number of fans, as well as the CPU operation rate, so the performance is stronger, but affect battery life.

In addition, the power switch settings have other features.

More Power Options

㈠. In creating a power plan,

We can create our own power plans, for example, when we only use the built-in power to download things, we can choose Low-power, never automatically turn off the computer option to ensure maximum endurance and normal download.

㈡. Set the power button function

Set the power supply function

This function is mainly used in the notebook, as shown in Figure 5, in order to "press the power button" for example, when we operate in the normal operation of the computer mistakenly press the power button, may cause the machine sleep or hibernate, bring unnecessary trouble, we through this option, change the power button settings, the sleep changed to never, can solve the problem. Of course, friends can also be set according to their own needs. Here a small set to introduce a small trick, in the "Close the lid" option, the options are changed to "never" so you can close the lid of the case to listen to music and the next thing, both to save electricity has achieved the purpose.

Power settings is also a learning, set up or not with your computer, I believe that today we can set up their own computer power. Win7 System laptop power settings for everyone section introduction to Here, I hope to help you!

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