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How to set up automatic dial-up Internet access is a common user to use a broadband network account to achieve multiple computers together to access the most commonly used method, then how to build a shared Internet environment? Let's take a look at the details below.

Set up their own share of the Internet after the problem is also followed, users want to achieve each start of the computer can automatically connect the function of the network, rather than every time the network must first enter the router interface point online to the Internet, do not want to go online when the point is disconnected. In fact, this automatic disconnection and automatic connection network function is very good to implement, if there is no broadband router can be placed in the Windows system Startup items to achieve, if the purchase of their own D-link router to find a solution, Then we can set up D-link broadband router to achieve this automatic dialing and automatic disconnection purposes.

1, how to set the router automatic dialing low-end Broadband Router Setup method:

If you buy a broadband router price is relatively cheap or buy the time is relatively early, then he is relatively low-end in function. We can only achieve his automatic connection network functions, other advanced features can not be achieved, the specific methods are as follows.

The first step: through the broadband router's management address to connect, enter the correct username and password into its management interface.

The second step: the author's broadband router is also di-link, the model for di-704p, belonging to the early products, purchased more than two years. In its admin interface we start with the WAN button on the left.

Step three: With the left mouse button to the left of the "WAN" button after we entered the WAN interface settings interface, here is the setting of ADSL account information such as the place, at the bottom we can see a parameter settings, called "Automatically back online", If you activate the item, the router will automatically dial and connect to the network when the power is turned on, and if the parameter is off, you will not have any autodial connections. Since we want to be able to achieve autodial, set it to active, and then click the Execute button at the bottom right to save the settings. (Figure 1)

The fourth step: after reactivating the broadband router, whenever we turn on the power of the device, he will automatically dial and connect the network, thus realizing the function of Internet automation, eliminating the user manual dialing operation.

However, this automatic dialing settings are not powerful, for example, when we do not use a monthly account, you do not want to open the power every time automatically connected to the network. We want to dial on demand, for example, when a computer has access to a network request to dial, or to set a fixed time period of dialing and a time to automatically disconnect, the low-end and early broadband routers we use are not up to speed when we meet these advanced requirements.

2, how the router set the automatic dialing multi-function Broadband Router Setup method:

If you are a broadband router or a wireless router that you buy directly in the recent period of time, these devices are very powerful for autodial and on-demand dialing. It is also very simple to implement automatic dialing, as follows.

The first step: through the broadband router's management address to connect, enter the correct username and password into its management interface.

The second step: with the left mouse button point to the left of the "WAN" button after we entered the WAN interface settings interface, here is set ADSL account information such as the location, WAN settings in addition to our often said account settings, but also required us to set the connection mode.

The third step: The connection mode has a variety of, we simply introduced under. The first is "on-demand Connection", he is automatically connected when there is access to data, and can set the number of minutes to wait without data transmission is automatically disconnected. Next is "Automatic connection", which allows us to connect automatically after the boot and disconnect, just like the automatic connection feature we described earlier, as long as the router turns on power and dials the connection automatically.

The following is a "timed connection", and he will automatically connect in the specified time period. We can set his connection time from a few minutes to a few minutes, so that the network will automatically connect and interrupt, and finally a manual connection, only the user log in to the router management interface pastry "Connection" button will dial access to the network, but also the user manually point " Disconnect button will break the dial-up and network farewell. We can set the connection mode according to our own requirements, and don't forget to click the "Save" button to make the change take effect.

3, how to set the router automatic dialing summary:

Regardless of the way the connection mode, the broadband router can achieve the purpose of automatic dial-up and connection network. Although the author is based on the D-link router as an example, but basically each router has the function of automatic dial-up and connection network, users need to go to WAN interface settings to find it. It is believed that this automatic dial-up connection feature will make it more enjoyable for us to enjoy the benefits of broadband networks.

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