How to set up a secret superuser for Windows

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User's Guide: How to set up a secret superuser for Windows

I think everyone is familiar with the Regedit.exe, but you can't set permissions on the key keys to the registry, and Regedt32.exe the biggest advantage is the ability to set permissions on key keys in the registry. NT/2000/XP's account information is under the Registry's Hkey_local_machinesamsam key, but other users are not authorized to see the information except system users, so I first set the SAM key to "Regedt32.exe" for me. Full Control "permission. This allows you to read and write the information in the SAM key. The concrete steps are as follows:

1. Assuming that we are logged on to a chicken with Terminal Services as Superuser Administrator, first create an account at the command line or in the Account Manager: hacker$, here I set up this account under the command line net user hacker$ 1234/add

2, in the start/Run input: Regedt32.exe and enter to run Regedt32.exe.

3, point "permission" will pop up the window point after adding the account I logged in to the security bar, here I am logged in as the administrator, so I will join the administrator and set the permissions to "Full Control." Here is a note: It is better to add the account or account you are logged in to the group, do not modify the original account or group, otherwise it will bring a series of unnecessary problems. And so the hidden super user is built, and then come here to delete the account you added.

4, then click "Start" → "Run" and enter "Regedit.exe" return, start Registry Editor Regedit.exe. Open key: hkey_local_maichinesamsamdomainsaccountusernameshacker$ "

5, the item hacker$, 00000409, 000001F4 Export as Hacker.reg, 409.reg, 1f4.reg, with Notepad dozen these exported files for editing, the super user corresponding to the key 000001f4 under the value of "F" copy, and overwrite the value of the key "F" in the corresponding item 00000409 of hacker$, then merge 00000409.reg with Hacker.reg.

6. Execute NET user hacker$ at the command line/del users hacker$ deleted: NET user hacker$/del

7, in Regedit.exe window press F5 Refresh, and then file-Import registry files will be modified Hacker.reg import registry can

8, to this, the hidden super user hacker$ has been built, and then shut down the Regedit.exe. In the Regedt32.exe window, change the Hkey_local_machinesamsam key permissions back to the original (as long as you delete the added account administrator).

9. Note: Hidden super user built, in the account manager can not see hacker$ this user, in the command line with the "NET User" command can not see, but after the establishment of superuser, you can no longer change the password, if the net user command to change the hacker$ password, The hidden Superuser will be seen again in the account manager and cannot be deleted.

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